Woodes Releases New Video For “Crystal Ball”

Woodes’ debut album Crystal Ball is a body of work years in the making. Featuring already released singles Euphoria, Queen Of The Night, Dancing In The Rain, title track Crystal Ball, and the recent stunning video shot in Africa for Close, her album Crystal Ball is the encapsulation of everything Woodes had envisioned from the beginning.

(Woodes) “It feels very momentous to be releasing my first album, Crystal Ball. It’s been created over the last two years. It’s been my biggest undertaking as a producer, writer & creative director.

The title track and lead single Crystal Ball deals with themes around uncertainty and hope. Often it’s hard to know which way everything is headed, and for this song I wanted to turn those darker feelings into something lighter and more magical.

There are over 100 different layers in this song, with sparks, spells, electric bass, harp, mandolin & vocoder. It was a lot of fun to finish & I’m looking forward to playing it live, when Victorian musicians can return to the stage.”

Filmed in a quarry on the outskirts of Melbourne with director and editor Nick Mckk, the video for lead single Crystal Ball (out now) is a celebration of all that is Woodes: stunning cinematic shots of nature juxtaposed with intricate mesmerising close up details, incredible fashion and styling, movement and performance, weaved together into an overall and lingering sense of euphoric celebration.

Styled by Woodes herself, along with Sim Farrugia & Mads Colvin, the clip features Woodes wearing clothing from Marda Label, Couture Love Madness, Sorrentino Studios, Etal, Romance was Born, and jewellery by Mesh and Melanie Woods.

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