Hot Donnas Release “Two Brains”

Since 2017, Dunedin four-piece Hot Donnas have been creating music primed to get bodies moving, heads banging and brains hooked on their infectious melodies and fired up rock attitude. The band shares their next chapter, announcing their new EP, The Adventures of E-WAN, and from it their new single, Two Brains.

Two Brains is the sort of track that could exist in the same sonic landscape as early Arctic Monkeys as it could Queens of the Stone Age. A song about indecision, overthinking and figuring out which way is best to proceed, Two Brains is three minutes, fifteen seconds of shredding guitars, thrashing percussion and strangely hypnotic vocals. The perfect dose of rock serotonin for any fan.

“I wrote the hook for ‘Two Brains’ in my head at the end of a big night of foolishness, when I found myself facing a decision of what to do next. The ultimate suggestion throughout the song being that whichever choice I make throughout my life, I will face the nagging pressure from both good and bad influences. And forever be lost bouncing between the consequences of my judgement.” Jacob King, Hot Donnas

Working with Wade McClelland, King co-directed the Two Brains music video, bringing the song to the boxing ring. Matching the action of the song with visuals that spoke to the pace and chaos of the track, the Two Brains music video steps up to the plate, injecting humour into its final product.

“After needing to add an element of action to an already action packed song, I made the call to choose one of the lads, square up in the ring and film it. With a very basic skeleton idea in mind, we sculpted a story of underdog vs. favourite scenario that allowed for all the eye catching shots, comedy and big hits that turned into the perfect video content for the song.” Jacob King, Hot Donnas

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