Fyre Byrd “No_Idols [Fame]”

Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Samtre and female drummer Breeze, Fyre Byrd are a fresh sounding and distinct art collective. Fyre Byrd formed in 2017 and have just released their EP No Idols- Fame. The desire for cheap and fast fame within a social media driven world is intimately expressed in this EP through genuine lyrics and engaging instrumentals.

Fyre Byrd’s commentary on societies acceptance of individuals and the challenging of cultural norms have been seamlessly embedded into experimental tracks, meshing EDM and pop punk genres into a uniquely contemporary EP. This eclectic duo also independently released a visual accompaniment to their EP, adding a multi-layered piece of audio-visual art to their new release.

Would U Rescue Me is the first track and has an overture of spoken word lyrics and droning instrumentals, establishing an atmosphere of contemplation and self-reflection right from the start. Samtre asks thought-provoking questions in this track; “What if I wanted change, but I couldn’t keep the change?” The vulnerability in this opening track eases us into the EDM intro of the second track Into the Light. This tune explores the idea of ‘the self’ and independence with Breeze’s snaring, electronic instrumentals.

With an EDM intro, the second track Into the Light explores independence in an outright, empowering and honest way. There is No Love and Everybody is a Fake oozes anger through Samtre’s vocals, defiant lyrics and jarring electronic vibes. There is No Love reflects the pop rock genre, incorporating a faster beat while intelligently contradicting the songs hedonistic undertones. This final track is a great way to end the EP with its higher vibrations, considering the entire EP explores intense messages about personal struggles, society imbalances and the need for perfection and acceptance in today’s world.

EP Review By Zara Zampaglione

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