The Struts “Strange Days”

There’s no doubt that The Struts are on a path to global domination and album number three Strange Days sees them continuing on that journey. Ten tracks recorded in ten days in quarantine with some of their musical heroes is impressive and definitely captures this crazy moment in time. The title track captures 2020 to a tee and what seems an unlikely pairing with Robbie Williams works famously.

All Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go) has some big power chords and the influences of Slade and Sweet shine through. In a ballsy move The Struts pull off a Kiss cover Do You Love Me and these lads are just the band to do it. Joe Elliott (‘King Of The Leppards’) and Phil Collen from Def Leppard both bob up in I Hate How How Much I Want You. The cheeky laugh by Elliott to sign off this one was a nice touch. Tom Morello brings plenty of grunt on Wild Child which has all the trimmings of a Struts set staple when this COVID haze passes.

Indie rocker Another Hit Of Showmanship features Albert Hammond Jr from The Strokes. The second half of the album is just as strong and shows a band confident to keep pushing themselves without repeating what has been done previously.

Front man Luke Spiller is as flamboyant as ever and it is great that they continue to make music that is engaging and excites fans. Album closer Am I Talking To The Champagne (Or Talking To You) shows a subtle contrast of what fans would be used to and could be a glimpse to where The Struts might go next. In a time where new music fills the void for the lack of live music right now this is just the tonic. Definitely a great listen!

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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