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Indie-pop artist Essie Holt drops new single Wanna Stay Up With You, a song that embodies the ‘feeling of wanting to stay up all night with someone new, because everything feels fresh and exciting’. Essie writes. Wanna Stay Up With You is an even more direct indie-pop song from Essie with her vocal taking centre stage, sitting right upfront with 80’s influenced guitar lines and synth-driven arpeggiosthat build alongside Essie’s ethereal vocals as they layer, echo, and swell to create another pop gem from the Sydney based songstress. Written in isolation in her attic studio with long-term producer and friend Evan Klar, Holt found herself writing a love song, something she had never done before. Essie talks to Hi Fi Way about the single.

Congratulations on the single, looking back do you feel satisfied now that Wanna Stay Up With You is out considering the challenges to get to this point?
Thanks! This song was actually super seamless to get out. I wrote it and put it out in about an eight week turnaround. It’s really fun to just put a song out there sometimes and not place too much pressure on it. I like to hold on to the excitement that I feel when I write the song, so this felt good to be still feeling really fresh and in that place.

What is the story behind the single?
It’s a love song! The first one I’ve ever written actually. It’s about the feeling of a new relationship, the hours just fly and the chemicals run crazy.

How hard was the task of making the clip?
The clip was so fun to make! We shot it over an afternoon/night at Summer Hill skate park and then in the city in Syd. I got to co-direct, co-produce and co-edit it! I haven’t been that hands on with a video before so it was great to learn that side of things. Music is so visual to me so it’s always fun to plan out a clip. I was super lucky to work with an amazing cast and crew.

Looking back was that a really fun thing to do?
Definitely! The highlight was definitely having dumplings and beer for dinner with everyone and looking through the footage!

Are you building towards an album or is the focus on releasing singles for now?
I’m writing another EP at this stage. I’ve got loads of music in the works that I’m really excited to share.

Is it hard writing in isolation?
I think I put a lot of pressure on being super productive when we were in isolation, but after a little while I got back into writing. I can’t say I wrote as much as I hoped, but the songs I got out of it are some of my faves

Does COVID still prove tricky picking up the momentum?
It’s just different! We’re all in the same boat as musicians right now. People are still listening to music, they’re just potentially consuming it differently. Shows are starting to come back which I’m so happy about!

In this COVID haze what has been the biggest thing you have learnt about yourself or new skills you have picked up?
Slowing down has been the best. I recently moved house so I’ve been loving settling in and decorating. I’ve been cooking a bit and also working on my production skills

Are you looking to being able to get on the road and start playing shows?
I honestly can’t wait. I didn’t get to tour my EP cos I released it just as COVID hit, but I’ve got some shows coming up in November so I’m excited to play the EP and also the new single!

What’s the next challenge for Essie Holt?
I think previously my music has connected from my live shows, so if there aren’t as many shows I need to find new ways for people to hear the music. But I’m feeling good and pretty relaxed about it all!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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