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Melbourne singer-songwriter Josh Cashman returns with his latest breezy single Twenty-Five, an earnest coming of age reflection taken from his upcoming debut album. Honest and heartfelt, Twenty-Five expresses the universally experienced feelings that come from comparing where you are in life, to where your younger self imagined you’d be by now. Recorded on tour in Canada during early 2020, the track is built around an infectious chorus that combines Josh Cashman’s melodic indie-roots style with a mesmerising soulful groove.

The video was shot by Melbourne cinematography group TheseWildEyes utilising a Super8 film camera, VHS and Red Cinematic film camera. Clips from Josh’s childhood are intersected with recent footage cruising around Melbourne to emphasise feelings of nostalgia and highlight the speed of which time is passing, while performance shots taken on a Melbourne CBD rooftop help shape the image of who he is becoming. John joins Hi Fi Way for a quick interview.

Congratulations on the single, looking back do you feel satisfied now that Twenty-Five is out considering the journey to get to this point?
Absolutely. It’s a nice narrative of nostalgia and feels good to pour some raw emotion into a vulnerable track and let it out into the world.

What is the story behind the single Twenty-Five?
It’s a coming of age narrative, exploring my experiences of once being a kid to now, being an adult – experiencing love, heartbreak, the ups and downs of money and the grind. It also explores the evolution of those around me, and how time is moving fast.

Were you stoked with what you achieved with When A Friend Becomes A Lover and Law of Attraction?
Yeah those songs were so fun to create as they were a little different to stuff I had previously released – so to see such a great response and gaining some momentum off the back of those tracks felt great.

How would you describe your style?
A summertime daydream, floating in the indie folk rock world for sure.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
I don’t really have any certain main influences. I grew up on good music, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, then when I learnt guitar I was deep in the roots world of John Butler, Ben Harper etc. These days I take inspiration from a genuinely good piece of music, it might be guitar tones, synth moments or the way that a vocal hook is delivered. I just like a good song for what it is, not who it is by.

Has the COVID situation slowed your momentum at all?
On a touring front yes – but creatively no – I have taken this time to reset, finish an album, and continue to create and write the next batch of songs the world may hear.

In this COVID haze what has been the biggest thing you have learnt about yourself or new skills you have picked up?
I learnt how much I can get done when I set goals with deadlines, and to enforce positive affirmation on my creations which is making me inspired and happy with the work I am making, rather than worrying whether people will like it or not.

Are you looking to being able to get on the road and start playing shows?
Can’t wait! BRING ON MAY 2021.

What’s the next challenge for Josh Cashman?
Write, record and finish album number 2.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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