Scott Darlow Releases New Single “Bind The Hands Of Time”

Scott Darlow releases his new single, Bind The Hands Of Time. Written with Mark Lizotte (aka Diesel), Bind The Hands Of Time is a hook laden banging rock song, and is a reminder that whatever we face, “this too shall pass”.

Scott Darlow says, “’Bind The Hands Of Time’ is a song that was born out of a really hard, but ultimately life changing, season in my life. Life is hard and problems can feel impossible to overcome, but overnight things can turn around and everything will begin to feel joyful again.”

In June, Scott Darlow became the first artist signed to Michael Gudinski’s new label, Reclusive. With his anthemic single You Can’t See Black In The Dark, Scott brought his experience as an First Nations man to the Australian airwaves thanks to overwhelming support from Triple M, and an incredible live performance on The Sound.

A mainstay of Australia’s Indigenous music industry, Scott Darlow is a versatile singer-songwriter, guitarist and didgeridoo player who has sold more than 50,000 albums worldwide. Darlow is a passionate First Nations activist and World Vision spokesperson, regularly speaking in hundreds of schools and corporate settings about his indigenous culture, Australian history, racial tolerance, harmony and important social matters.

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