Homegrown Heroes Hoodoo Gurus Release “Get Out Of Dodge”

Homegrown heroes and stoneage romeos, Hoodoo Gurus release their new single, Get Out Of Dodge. Get Out Of Dodge was written by Dave Faulkner and sees the ‘Gurus’ return to a classic pop sound, with some famous pals recruited to join in the fun.

The band’s good friend, Vicki Peterson, from The Bangles, was their first choice to sing backing vocals on the track. Vicki has appeared on a few other Gurus’ songs in the past, most notably their much-loved 1000 Miles Away (Vicki can be heard in the opening verse singing, “Now you’re flying…”).

Also joining Vicki and the Gurus on backing vocals is John Cowsill from the legendary Californian Sunshine Pop band, The Cowsills, (who scored huge hits with Hair, The Rain, The Park & Other Things and Indian Lake). For the last 20 years, John has also been the principle drummer for The Beach Boys. So, Get Out Of Dodge features members of The Bangles, The Cowsills and The Beach Boys, along with the Hoodoo Gurus themselves: that’s one helluva pop pedigree right there!

Get Out Of Dodge is a song to all the non-conformists out there – anyone who feels outnumbered and can’t fit in with the unreasonable expectations of the crowd.

Dave Faulkner explains, “The world we live in is becoming more polarised and less tolerant every day, and we can often find ourselves confronting extremist views, some of which may be hostile to who we are or what we believe. Religion, politics, sexuality – there are any number of reasons why people might take a set against you, or try to browbeat you into toeing the party line. When you come to realise that they won’t soften their views to accommodate you – and that you shouldn’t change who you are to accommodate them – then what can you do? You get the hell out of Dodge!”

“As the old saying goes, discretion is the better part of valour and it can be very satisfying to leave the hateful to stew in their own juices. A good surgeon knows when a damaged limb can be saved and when it’s better to amputate, so cut your losses and get yourself to a better place, somewhere people will cherish and support you, and live to fight another day. As the song says, ‘We’ve gotta get out of Dodge – while we still can!’” he added.

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