The Dead Daisies Kick It Up A Gear And Release “Bustle And Flow”

After the global success of their first single, The Dead Daisies have been chomping at the bit to release Bustle and Flow, the next track from their upcoming album Holy Ground.

“Filled with energy and vigor, ‘Bustle and Flow’ emerged as one of the last tracks to make the cut. It builds and builds and has great movement. It’s about walking through the fear,” says Glenn Hughes.

In a time surrounded with so much uncertainty, this track imparts a spirit and zest that should get you on your front foot, challenge your fears and back onto life’s battlefield …

David Lowy has this to say about the song: “I love the timing of the riff. It’s unusual and unexpected, kinda like a surprise. The chorus is a classic mix of Aussie rock (me), UK rock (Glenn) and US rock (Doug/Deen). It’s unmistakably borne out of the DNA of The Dead Daisies, pure badass rock.”

A bespoke spellbinding animation, built in Unreal Engine for Bustle and Flow has been created by Creative Works London, (live concert graphic artists for Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith, amongst others). It takes you on a journey through an animated ominous carnival, set against the backdrop of church ruins with a raven that’s sure to send a tingle up your spine.

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