Introducing Wilson’s Prom

Melbourne’s indie delights Merpire and Feelds have teamed up to create a brand-new side project during their time in lockdown – an iso baby is born, welcome to the world Wilson’s Prom.

They release their new single Manifest Protagonist via AWAL, featuring drums from Zack Levine (Pinegrove) – co-written, produced and mixed during isolation.

The second track from their Self-Titled debut EP, due for release November 4, follows on from lead single Love Fool. Manifest Protagonist challenges personal identity, with the protagonist being easily led astray while they’re still trying to find their place in the world.

Wilson’s Prom discuss the writing process for ‘Manifest Protagonist’: “Sometimes when writing together, one of us will come with an idea to the session whether a story/lyric idea or a few guitar chords. Rhiannon came in with a few of the verse chords and then we wrote the rest together. This was probably the 3rd song we wrote for the prom themed EP so having the idea of the main storyline already there made it fun to create another character’s perspective. We pushed the idea of identity and belonging, and the pressure of fitting in with a social norm.

‘Manifest Protagonist’ was created in the studio over a couple of days, where we took short breaks in the sun on the patio with salad rolls and a bottle of wine from the bar downstairs when it hit dusk. We felt that this song held its own just with guitar and vocals but still wanted to bring it to life with a little more production. While we were working on the track, James reached out to Zack from Pinegrove to see if he wanted to play drums on it. Pinegrove is one of our favourite bands and we really thought his style and use of dynamics and musicality would be perfect for this track (and we don’t think we’re wrong). We were stoked when he said he was keen.”

With the introduction of Wilson’s Prom comes a movie-like debut EP, a world constructed within a high school dream-state of teenage love and hopeful hopelessness, set on polished gym floors while ducking in and out of waves of taffeta.

Merpire and Feelds explore the idea of one’s imagination being free of order, of time and themes. Expressing this through their production, they combine hints of past decades and genres of music. An indulgence they were firm on carrying through to create a body of work that was limitless and unrestricted, while adapting to living in an opposite environment

themselves.The EP features four different drummers across the tracks, all bringing their own feel and flavour to the record. Including Zack Levine (Pinegrove) Manifest Protagonist, Liam Gough (The Teskey Brothers) Small Disaster, Jess Ellwood (Merpire, Alex Lahey) Shapeshifter & Welcome To The Prom, Jarred Young (Bad Pony, Feelds) Love Fool.

For the release, Wilson’s Prom have teamed up with Blundstone to press a limited run of 100 vinyls. For those fans that get in quick for the pre-order, before its release on November 4, they can go into the draw to win 1 of 5 pairs of Classic 500 boots.

Wilson’s Prom EP Track Listing
Welcome to the Prom
Love Fool
Small Disaster
Manifest Protagonist


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