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California-based metal band Kingdom of Giants have shared Wayfinder their latest single and video from their upcoming album Passenger. The new single is the third look at the upcoming full-length, following previously released tracks Sync and Side Effect. Fans can check out Wayfinder and pre-order Passenger ahead of its October 16th release via SharpTone Records now at

“Our good friend Orie Mcginness has once again topped himself with our new video for Wayfinder. This is the 1st time we’ve ever done a video with very little performance, and also without most of the band members. We knew Wayfinder was going to be a single before we ever even finished the song. It’s different than anything we have ever written and feel it has such a unique, refreshing vibe.” – Dana Willax (Kingdom of Giants)

MANCHESTER, UK – After releasing a special music video a few weeks back, HEART OF GOLD has released Midnight In Miami (Unplugged) on all streaming services. “Most songs start off as ideas on acoustic guitar or piano, so going back to rediscover the ‘original’ versions of this track, before we even entered the studio, was really fun,” shares Michael McGough, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of both Heart of Gold and rock-band Being As An Ocean. “It gave us the chance to dissect the finished song, strip back all of the fancy production and be able to re-track this in a different light, try out the ideas that never made it to the studio and give the fans a chance to enjoy the alternative.”

Drawing influence more from ‘situations involving specific people and places’, Heart of Gold captures a distinct sound that simultaneously takes you back to the late 80s / early 90s while also being incredibly fresh and unique, ensuring a spot in today’s playlist.

“Midnight In Miami was the song i wrote when i wanted to start actually doing the things i always thought about doing but would forever put off,” shares McGough on the original track.

DYING WISH is the Portland-based blistering hardcore five-piece whose passionate music fuses New Wave of American Heavy Metal and chaos-driven punk noises. They have announced their signing to SharpTone Records. In support of today’s announce, the band has released a new single, Innate Thirst. Fans can watch the video as well as listen to the single across streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Emma Boster shares, “’Innate Thirst’ is written about people co-opting subcultures or movements to gain social status or wealth. With the recent uprisings following the death of George Floyd, our hometown of Portland has seen many people that seek to appoint themselves as “leaders” of the Portland movement. Time and time again, these people get exposed for taking advantage of others’ pain and suffering to make a profit and form social status. This can also be applied to our subculture within the hardcore scene. Many newcomers see the scene as an opportunity to achieve popularity instead of becoming truly involved and contributing to the community.”

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