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Surprising listeners on triple j breakfast, Matt Corby drops another new track, Vitamin, less than a week after releasing If I Never Say A Word. The songs are released today digitally as a Double A-Side with a limited edition 7” vinyl of the 2 tracks available to pre-order here.

Vitamin reflects on the value of knowing what’s important and, over an infectiously stuttering soul groove, hints that the disruption of the past few months may have provided an opportunity to re-evaluate much about our lives.

With two new songs, If I Never Say A Word, which was instantly added to triple j and new track Vitamin, the ARIA-award winning singer-songwriter delivers us some soulful tonic as a timely reminder of the value in finding the sun behind the clouds.

“‘’Vitamin’ is all about the things that stop you from seeing the big picture, what’s truly important and the people around you that make life great. That’s what we mean by vitamins. Where are your vitamins coming from? Most people operate in this quick fix, day by day kind of scrambling, and it’s really hard to stop and find all the value in your existence and really come up with cool ideas to make it better. For me, it’s something to strive for.”

Following the smash hit Rushing Back with Flume, Vera Blue delivers us the next exhilarating chapter with the release of her new single Lie To Me and news she has signed with Republic Records (Lorde, The Weeknd) for the USA, confirming once again the global appeal of the electro pop powerhouse.

If the tracks on the Australian sensation’s debut album Perennial were written in the ashes of a devastating break up, then Lie To Me is Celia Pavey losing her mind at the other end of the romantic spectrum – falling IN love. Lie To Me is anchored to a pulsating, tropical beat, (and a shrewd hybrid of live and electronic drums); interweaving a scattering of ominous sounding vocal samples and synths. It’s a summery dance hit – with extra layers of sonic tension.

Intriguingly, Vera Blue is not directing these lyrical questions at the object of her affection – but at the warring voices in her own head: some validating and amplifying her panic and jealousy, the others imploring her to take hold and not destroy a good thing.

“When you go through a lot of emotional shit, you can’t imagine yourself in a new relationship. Then you suddenly fall into one, and the fear and mistrust can be overwhelming: ‘is this as amazing as it seems – or is it going to blow up in my face again’”!

Co-written with Thom and Andy Mak, ‘Lie To Me’ was brought to life with production by Andy and engineering by Jackson Barclay.

Says Vera Blue, “The lyrics and melodies that I wrote with Thom came from a more poetic and obscure experimental place for both of us. With Andy digging into new exciting sonic landscapes imitating the raw emotion and Jackson bringing the tones to life tracking various instruments through the amazing sounding console and outboard gear at the grove studios. This song had us all wide eyed and buzzing.”

Yorke releases the Giulia Giannini McGauran-directed video for her new single Gravity, the anthemic pop single which is already fetching incredible reviews from tastemakers and media across the globe. Gravity’ charts a love story between an alien and a human who are struggling to exist in one another’s orbit.

“Think ‘intergalactic Romeo and Juliet’ minus the tragedy.” says Yorke. Yorke chose Giulia to direct Gravity, “I love the way Giulia brings so much colour and personality into everything she does.”

Known foremost as a visual artist and photographer who draws towards bold colours and contrast, Giulia has worked with artists such as Alice Ivy, Tones and I, Meg Mac and Alex Lahey.

Yorke says, “The idea behind the Gravity video was choreographed during isolation, and as restrictions started to lift, we were lucky enough to be in the same city at the same time to execute it properly. The whole crew was incredible and Giulia’s directing style (dancing along with me off camera) really brought out the best in my performance. Also, after painstakingly cutting out over 500 stars/circles, it felt like the biggest achievement seeing them look so fun on screen.”

Sparking attention across the globe with the release of a new alt-rock single and the first video from his instrument-focused series Post Modern Collective Sessions, Running Touch follows with the release of the official video for his single Signs.

As all videos, Running Touch’s vision was at the forefront of the project.

“My ambition was to pair some vintage personality between the video and song. Something done in one takes and done in film. Everyone has the task right now of trying to work music videos during the pandemic. I just wanted to try to use this opportunity to work toward simplicity.”

Creatively directed by Matt Sav (Tame Impala) and shot by Thomas Eliott, the Signs video was filmed in Perth and Melbourne, using a combination of video, photos and creative ingenuity to deliver a distorted trippy stop motion styled video.

Running Touch says, “This was the first time I have worked with any third-party creative director, so I felt very safe between their hands. We wanted the aesthetic to nod to videos from across the last 30 years or so. Be true to film. We had just shot and edited all the promo in 48 hours, so it was a blessing to have a look to work towards.

We shot all my takes in Melbourne with myself and Thomas just before our lockdown with Matt filming his shots and editing the project in Perth. I remember how rushed the filming process felt across us knowing we would be going into lockdown in the days following. With Thomos Bolex H16 film camera from the 1960’s, an ancient treadmill from Geelong and our film we shot into the night and by the end of that week would have finished our 3rd round and every piece of promo for signs.”

is a piece that reflects upon external forces that can be oppressive in nature and at times, debilitating. Kwame’s point of view is subjective and narrates his experiences as he manoeuvres his way through a world in which is both macabre and beautiful at the same time.

TOMMY’S IN TROUBLE ft. CLYPSO + Phil Fresh is the third track to be released from Kwame’s forthcoming EP, Please, Get Home Safe Out Friday October 30th. The new single speaks on the warped perceptions and boundaries of society that an individual face often being villainized when being outspoken and providing voices on the unheard.

The piece highlights two separate perspectives showcased through fellow Sydney artists CLYPSO and Phil Fresh. Both perspectives draw different themes and translate them through the musicality of the piece.

“Table’s set and the tree is lit, TOMMY got himself in trouble”, as performed by CLYPSO in the song’s chorus, represents the movement against the parameters imposed by a society that limits creative output and the unity of race. The addition of Phil Fresh in the second half of the song to which accompanied by Kwame elevates the piece to a place where it’s no-holds-barred.

The energy, character and conviction of both Kwame and Phil Fresh through their carefully thought out lyrics showcase the artists speaking out on the unheard, refusing to be villainized and oppressed. Whilst the piece may be from the point of view of Kwame’s personal experience, it acts as a voice to others who may face similar trials and tribulations irrespective of race, gender, sexuality and creative outputs.

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