TROPICAL FU*K STORM New Single “Legal Ghost”

Legal Ghost vs Heaven sees Tropical Fu*k Storm return at their sexy, existential best with a brand new 7 inch for your 2020 chaotic pleasure. Just what the online doctor ordered. Recorded at Dodgy Brothers Studio in Central Victoria, right before the world disappeared indoors.

Fanatical music nerd’s ears may recognise the reverberations of Legal Ghost, it originally appeared on the Bong Odyssey album (recorded in the nineties, recently released on Bandcamp by TFS Records and on vinyl by Bang! Records), an at-home four-track recording by pot-smoking teenage morons, Gareth Liddiard and Drones OG Rui Pereira. Legal Ghost is the second single, following Suburbiopia, from the forthcoming record due early 2021.

With the ’90s having an inevitable renaissance in 2020, it seemed opportune for TFS to rerecord it and this time, get it on the airwaves and make it famous.

“This is the first song I ever wrote that I thought was a decent song. Everything before it was just a big tantrum, but this song had a touch of class. When I was putting the bong Odyssey record together again last year, I heard it and thought it was something that could work well with TFS. The original was really cool, but it still sounded more like a sketch of a song and wasn’t quite fully realised, so I took the song to TFS and we fleshed it out a bit,” Gareth says.

In keeping with the A side’s air, the B side is a version of Talking Heads’ immortal ode to mortality, Heaven. Recorded on the same four-track machine that Legal Ghost was originally recorded on over 20 years ago and featuring guest performances from Don Don (Augie March) and H’y (Suss Cu*ts) on pedal steel and violin respectively.

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