Bliss n Eso Return With First New Music In Three Years

Hip-hop powerhouse Bliss n Eso blaze their much-awaited return with the electrifying new track Lighthouse (feat. Jake Isaac). Lighthouse is the first new music from Bliss n Eso since 2017’s critically-acclaimed ARIA #1 album Off The Grid, featuring their triple-platinum smash hit single ‘Moments (feat. Gavin James)’ which has amassed 60+ million streams across platforms and received the ARIA Award for Best Music Video.

Lighthouse transcends the metaphorical with a raw and personal narrative. A journey of self-awareness through the dark times, Bliss n Eso search for the light to guide us home, only to realise it’s the strength from within that burns brightest. ‘Ain’t nobody gonna save me but me’.

Lending Lighthouse his soaring vocals is much-hyped south London singer/songwriter Jake Isaac, who injects a gospel-like surge through the track with his soulful pop inflections complimenting the crisp, intoxicating production.

With their last three albums debuting at #1, selling close to half a million records in Australia alone, various prestigious awards and accolades, an unprecedented live presence and the most loyal fanbase in the country, Bliss n Eso continue to push not only themselves, but hip-hop, forward in Australia.

Lighthouse is a welcome return, finding them continuing to push musical boundaries and dive to new thematic depths. With a fresh and supreme sound yet to be explored in the local genre, let Bliss n Eso show you the way.

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