Ekko Park New Zealand Rockers Release Video For New Single

Ekko Park, one of New Zealand’s finest rock exports will release their new album, Horizon on August 21 via Dinner For Wolves.

Ekko Park delivers its unique edge to rock n roll with an honesty & energy that has seen them develop a passionate following in their home country and has taken them to Europe where they continue to enjoy huge success on commercial rock radio.

The band release the video for their brand new single Uh Oh! The ridiculously catchy, up tempo track is made for bouncing around the room and played loud!

The bands guitarist, Alex Hargreaves once again directed the music video and says of the clip, ‘The lyrics to this song are quite bold so I wanted them to visually have a large presence in the video. Parts of Joe’s lyrics were inspired by the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri so I really wanted to pay tribute to this story. I decided not to use the font that they used for the movie but to use the font that they used for the billboards in real life to pay tribute to the Fulton family’s fight.

There’s also an element that ties this video to the video for All Eyes On Me. In this video we see tiny moments of one of the hazmat suit characters filming the band. I think there’s a central theme of talking about people deciding who matters and who doesn’t and governments serving the few and not the many so I wanted to create a link between the two videos here.’

Frontman Joe Walsh says of the track, ‘Uh Oh was the last song we wrote for ‘Horizon’. The riff had been around for about 10 years and I brought it in to the final album rehearsal. What I thought was the chorus, Bryan saw as the verse, so we chopped it up, wrote a new chorus and within minutes we had our newest punkiest song & probably our most favourite to play live!’

‘The lyrics were written in a cinema whilst watching ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’. The narrator of the song is Sam Rockwell’s character ‘Dixon’. I wrote this from the perspective of Dixon talking to Mildred as the movie ends and final plot twist ensues….’

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