TOWNS Return With Punchy New Single “Boring”

TOWNS are charging into the second half of 2020 with an unbridled energy, today unleashing their short, sweet, n’ furious new tune Boring into the world. The punchy live favourite comes in at just under two minutes, but is nevertheless jam-packed with a truckload of electricity and charisma that will satiate the appetites of pop, punk, and grunge fans alike.

The duo have also just announced their upcoming Boring launch show at The Gov in Adelaide on Saturday 5th September, with 80% of tickets flying out the door before public release thanks to super fans getting a hold of the ticket link early.

Frontman Aston Valladares says Boring was a happy accident born out of frustration during a writing session. “This song came from me literally hitting my guitar out of frustration and boredom – luckily I was holding that opening note and it fell into place from there.

“Lyrically, ‘Boring’ comes from a place of nostalgia, and a desire for a simpler time. I found it so strange how quickly I became bored as an adult because when I was a kid I found so many uninteresting things interesting. This left me with a desire of wanting to find that again with the way I live now.”

The video was animated by TOWNS’ good friend Skye (@itz.skye_ ). Drummer Daniel Steinert says the idea behind the clip “stems from this idea of needing to be happy and needing to be CONSTANTLY entertained.”

“We wanted to keep the song short and I just wanted to pour my lil heart into a video and try and vomit all of the colour it make me see.”

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