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With an approach that was as nihilistic and crusty as it was cinematically grand, PARADISE LOST’s Greg Mackintosh teamed up with former EXTREME NOISE TERROR and VALLENFYRE bassist Chris Casket to record a truly bonecrushing beast of old-school death metal last year. Abandon All Faith was released in November 2019 via Nuclear Blast and extreme metal fans will be pleased to hear that the band are currently writing their second album. By way of a celebration, STRIGOI have unleashed a fan made 8-Bit video of their single Carved Into The Skin.

“We thought we’d share this fan made 8-bit version of ‘Carved Into The Skin’. Who would’ve thought that nasty, death doom would translate so well, all we need now is the ‘Abandon All Faith’ game to go with it. Props to Vladimir Chaplinsky for making this.” – Greg and Chris

One nation, one clan – one folk: Strong words that unfold a powerful magic in these difficult times. United by the sound of epic metal, EQUILIBRIUM have released their new single One Folk – an ode to humanity that celebrates all our solidarity and ties the knot between individuals under the flag of shared values even stronger.

Just one year after the release of their sixth studio record Renegades, the highly lauded epic metallers went back to the studio to merge all their influences, thoughts and trademarks. As a result, they forged a new masterpiece embracing both the folky uplifting melodies that made EQUILIBRIUM one of the most popular pagan metal bands worldwide as well as their ground-breaking electronic infusions showing that the band never stands still in its evolution and strife for progress.

Mastermind Berthammer states: ‘’2020 is the first year since 2003 that we are not able to play any festival shows for obvious reasons. But just as everybody else we had to deal with that situation and we decided to spend a lot of time in the studio, writing new songs. We are very happy to share our newest creation “One Folk” with the world, our hymn to humanity. This song includes many of our favourite Equilibrium trademarks and I think it also shows what to expect from us in the future. We just can’t wait to play it also live hopefully soon!’’

Outspoken Bay Area metal giants MACHINE HEAD have unveiled a seething new lyric video for their song Bulletproof that’s featured on their recently released 2-song digital single Civil Unrest.

Bulletproof is a clear, defiant statement from vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn and band who don’t mince words in their fury about the country’s disgraceful climate of corruption, injustice, racism and inequality that has risen during the current administration.

Flynn comments on the song, “The lyrics for ‘Bulletproof’ were finished in the aftermath of not only the Ahmaud Arbery murder at the hands of white supremacist, but everything twisting out of control in our World. The isolation and craziness of the pandemic, the lockdown protesters storming government buildings with AR-15‘s, as well as the blatant lies and conspiracies pouring out of our political leaders’ mouths, hour by hour, day after day.”

The 2-track single also features the song Stop The Bleeding, which features guest vocals from KILLSWITCH ENGAGE frontman, Jesse Leach, and was written and recorded just days after the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery.

Bay Area thrash legends HEATHEN recently revealed their fourth studio album entitled, Empire of the Blind, will be released on September 18th via Nuclear Blast Records. The band released the second single, the title track Empire Of The Blind.

HEATHEN comments, “We are very proud to announce the second single, title track from our new album Empire of the Blind! This song refers to the ongoing manipulation of people through political and social propaganda in the mass media. Behold the rising empire!”

“For me, everything’s always been about making music and writing songs but not to be famous. We’re just trying to find ourselves, after all.” Steve Lee, 2010

How do you honour a legend? Someone, who has become immortal through his songs, his voice, and his nature – and ten years after the tragic accident, is still vivid in the hearts of friends, colleagues, and fans. What do you say about a singer among the world’s finest of his genre, who never lost touch with the real world? It’s only possible with music. For the 10th anniversary of Steve Lee’s passing, GOTTHARD bow to their frontman with The Eyes Of A Tiger and offer two unreleased tracks – among them the eponymous Eye Of The Tiger in two different takes – as well as eleven stripped-down versions of well-known songs: performed by GOTTHARD – sung by Steve Lee.

SABATON continue their global assault in support of their latest album, The Great War, with a new video clip of the album track The Attack Of The Dead Men.

“The video features Sabaton wearing gas masks while performing “The Attack Of The Dead Men” during our latest European tour. Little could we imagine that today a huge amount of the world’s population would wear masks daily thanks to this f***ing virus that has paralyzed our beloved metal community. We miss doing this, we miss you… no livestream can ever replace the feeling of being in the audience for a metal concert”, comments Pär Sundström.

PRIMAL FEAR have released their highly anticipated 13th studio album, Metal Commando. The title of the album is self-explanatory – Metal Commando contains 110% PRIMAL FEAR and is full to the brim with their signature power and energy.

In celebration of the release, they also release the new single and video Hear Me Calling.

Matt Sinner comments: “The special thing about ‘Hear Me Calling’ is, that we are combining the vibes of the first PF albums with the new PRIMAL FEAR of 2020. It’s great, because Tom was a part of the song-writing and the basis of the song was made in my studio. Ralf made the lyrics, perfectly interpreting all the emotions and with a really strong chorus. Far away from home, in a shady plane somewhere between Peru and Bolivia, thinking about home ….. a strong combination of powerful guitar riffs, awesome melodies, groove and a great hook!”

PALLBEARER, who recently announced the Oct. 23 release of their highly-anticipated fourth album, Forgotten Days (Nuclear Blast), have shared a black and white, cinematic version of the video for title track Forgotten Days.

The clip, which stands in stark contrast to the original version that was released earlier this month, has echoes of classic science fiction films such as Solaris, Silent Running and Stalker.

“When Ben sent us this alternate version of the ‘Forgotten Days’ video, we were instantly taken aback at how a simple colour shift and change to aspect ratio transformed the feeling of the narrative,” explains singer/guitar player Brett Campbell of the Ben Meredith directed video. “This cinematic edition is dripping with oppressive claustrophobia, and in being stripped of colour, deepens the sense of the unknown lurking in the shadows of the mind. We’re happy to share it with you today.”

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