End Of Fashion Return With New Single

After an eight year hiatus, End of Fashion brings us an anthemic rock song with nods to 70’s dark fantasy epic rock with their new debut single BreakThru. The band are giving their fans a fresh mature sound with the same “classic End of Fashion feel”, shifting into a more versatile audience.

Reformed and ready to rock, the band return with frontman, Justin Burford, guitarist Julian Dudman (The Sleepy Jackson) drummer Nathan Sproule (Southern River Band) and the recent addition of Vanessa Thornton (Jebadiah).

Inspired by analysing the human condition and complex emotion, they aim to promote music for the introspective. Their new song BreakThru explores universal personal issues which are not targeted at one age group but for a wider audience.

“My songs tend to or try to talk about universal human conditions, love/loneliness etc but Fash have a tendency to put these conditions through a weird lens in our music. I have a complex with time and cosmology. I like to put my relatable and human subjects through a lens of meta-fascinations like time and existentialism”, explains frontman, Justin.

The Perth-based band received mainstream attention with its ARIA award-winning 2005 single, O Yeah, which was also voted eighth in the triple j’s Hottest 100. With three studio albums under their belt, the band are shifting into making music that stays true to their roots but will appeal to new audiences.

It is clear that this is not the ending of End of Fashion, rather a brand new beginning. This revitalised rock/pop ground is exactly what we need this year.

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