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Melbourne based artist Luna Vexa will be releasing her new album King of Eve. Fully crowd-funded the album has been a fan driven endeavor and promises to be dark and ferocious with fiery hooks and enchanting vocals. Luna Vexa chatted to the Hi-Fi Way about her new album and the process of how it got done.

Tell us about your single King of Eve?
King of Eve is about fighting for your dreams when all the odds are against you. It’s got a lot of pop in there and you can hear some metal influences in the melodies as well.

The album with the same name King of Eve is out in August. Are you happy that its finally going to be released?
Yeah, I’m so happy about that! I’ve been working on that album for two years now so its been a long time.

Your music has been described as Lush Electronica. Listening to your sound it has a sense of mystery about it. How would you describe it?
I would say most of the time its along the lines of Dark Pop. I feel it has elements of darkness like Billie Eilish or Halsey but there’s also some heavy electronic drops as well. So, it kind goes in and out of Alternative Pop and EDM then Lush Electronica as well.

Having your album crowd-funded does that way of making it give you a sense of security that you have a loyal fanbase that’s willing to back you before the creative process has happened?
Yeah definitely. It’s really different doing it that way because usually when an artist releases an album, they will sell it after they release it. So, doing a crowd fund everyone’s pre-ordering packages of merchandise as well as the album and they come along with you in the whole process in terms of creating it. I feel a lot closer to my fans and I’m so grateful that I had their help to do it.

Did you find that with the creative process there was less pressure as you can do the album how you want and when you want because you know that people have already backed it?
It’s a little bit different because when you do a crowd fund you do have to have a deadline with packages and keep people up to date with what you are doing. Because I wrote the music before I started the crowd-fund, I already knew what I was going to record so it was more about getting the money to be able to get into the studio to record it and get everything together. I wouldn’t say the stress was less but financially it was less stressful.

In life you’ve had some challenging times. Does this help with the creative process when you write your music?
There’s times where I have bursts of creativity and I will be writing all night where I can’t sleep. Then there’s other times where I’m to sad to write anything. I do pull from my life experiences and when I feel the creativity coming on that’s when I write something.

Who are your musical influences?
I grew up on listening to all genres and definitely have a rock and metal background. I used to love Parkway Drive, My Chemical Romance, Bring me the Horizon, The Used, even Motley Crue and Queen. There was a lot of pop acts I grew up listening too like Christina Aguilera and at the moments its Halsey, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey. It’s quite diverse.

Did you find a meshing of these genres helped create your own musical style?
Yes, definitely. I think my music style is all genres meshed into one in a way. Sometimes I will release a song that will have a heavy electronic drop then there’s other times where its only piano and vocals like a more ballad sound. I kind of like it that way so I keep people guessing.

What’s the future plans for Luna Vexa?
I have a music video in a few weeks for my new single Like You Love Me and this was part of the crowd fund. The albums dropping soon too and hopefully go on tour once the COVID-19 situation is over.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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