Congolese-born Western Australian rapper Innocent releases his new album Anthems of a Life exploring themes of life making it a personal autobiographical musical debut. A promising new artist in the RnB/Hip-Hop scene he chatted to the Hi-Fi Way about his new album.

Anthems of a Life is your new album. How do you feel about its release?
I’m excited! I’ve been working on this project since 2017. It’s a very long timeframe and I’ve done a few other things in the meantime but I’ve have been looking forward to releasing it. It was delayed a bit because of COVID-19 and there were a few things I wanted to change as well. So yeah, I’m extremely excited in its release.

You write and produce your own music. Do you create on your own or collaborate with other artists in the process of making your music?
Everything on this album I produced and wrote apart from some verses from guest artists. I think there’s a blend between expressing yourself and allowing other people to shine. On this project I really wanted to give people that platform. There’s a lot of people who I really love their work and I’m honoured to have them on my album.

Do you find writing such personal songs that it’s a powerful expression of your life?
For me fundamentally it’s a very therapeutic medium to go through my thoughts and explore them into a way they have happened. Yes, it’s extremely personal but you might not necessarily want to share everything. There’s a balance of maintaining some level of privacy that is important to me and also sharing in a way that can be helpful to other people.

The first single is Anthems of a Life (same as album title), can you tell us what that song is about?
It’s a realisation of the power of your mind and what you can set your mind up to achieve. In terms of the broader context of the album I was told to make an album of all singles but I found a way to weave in all of the different experiences and stories that I wanted to tell. With all that has happened to me in the last few years this song is a huge triumphant moment for me.

Has music been a part of your life and you thought that it was what you wanted to do?
While I do have other interests, music has always been one of my deepest passions in my life. Whether it’s on a commercial level or not its always going to be a way to express myself. I grew up listening to a lot of various artists from around the world and I started playing my guitar and taught myself to play keyboard. Its so finely grained into my life that it’s a huge part of me. I will always be writing and composing music. It would be strange to not have music in my life.

Who have been your major musical influences in your life?
The earliest stuff I liked was Usher and 50 Cent but I also grew up with Ed Sheeran, Drake, Baths. I listened to a lot of different music. Sometimes I listen to the songs but I don’t even know the artist. I’ve been inspired by a global level of music. Its very wide ranging and I just like good music. The kind that can evoke some kind of emotion that you can relate to!

What are your future plans?
There’s the Anthems of a Life project of course and I have another project collaborating with my friend Bonsou who is also on the song Anthems of a Life. I would like to perform live soon as well. I would love for people to hear my music.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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