Wake The Blind

Wake the Blind is a newly formed Nu-Metalcore band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The five-piece consists of: Adam Spackman (Drummer), Dylan Stone (Vocalist), Adam Humphreys (Bassist), Anthony Georgiou (Guitarist) and Brandon Tadday (Guitarist).

Wake the Blind’s music is described as raw and intense, exploring confrontational ideas and motifs in each track, forcing the audience to reflect on themselves and their emotions. With a mix of bouncy riffs, tension driven rhythms and confronting lyricism a creation of aggressive and provocative instrumentals and lyrical themes is born within their music they make their presence known with new EP Broken Casket. The band tell Hi Fi Way more about the EP.

Is there feeling of relief that the EP is done and ready to be released
There was a definite feeling of relief after Broken Casket released. We pretty much stayed on hiatus for almost a year to focus and create this EP, so having it finally be out there for the world to hear was really awesome.

When the EP was finished was there some sort of celebration to commemorate the achievement?
Haha not really, besides a couple of “Cheers!” in our band chat there wasn’t really much. Maybe next release we’ll do something grand when lockdown restrictions are a thing of the past.

What did you think when you played the EP back for the first time?
Proud beyond belief, would be the best way to put it. Having built something from scratch (that you’ve put your heart and soul into), come on to your car stereo for the first time was unbelievable.

Is the first EP a tough one finding the songs that best represents the band?
It was actually rather simple; we just wrote what we wanted to write and it came quite naturally. The band had been discussing what sound to go for and came to a conclusion pretty quickly, so I think we ended up being quite lucky really.

If you had to describe your EP in a sentence what would you say
Unapologetic, uncomfortable and confronting. With this release we really wanted to raise awareness for topics such as mental illness, suicide, drugs, murder and domestic violence. Which is something that most of us face at one stage in our life.

How was the studio experience and did you come up against any problems?
Performing the songs in the studio was difficult simply due to what we’ve written and the stories we wanted to tell. It was a challenging but ultimately enjoyable experience recording everything on the EP. Vocally it was sometimes frustrating and upsetting performing the songs, but the idea of someone else being able to take the bands message and get through the day really helped us get through it.

What has been the best piece of advice you have been given so far?
Our mentor and coach Steve Cannetelli said “Don’t stray too far from the path that you’ve been given. That means don’t let your ego rule the band or your personal lives. Give everything you can to making something great because at the end of the day, it’s the kids who listen to your music and can get through the tough times that matter.” Writing the EP (to us) felt like something we could give back to those who have gone through the things we’ve written about or can relate to in some way. For the future I hope we can carry this ideology for even more people.

Has COVID-19 slowed the band’s momentum down at all?
In a way yes, but also no. We agreed that regardless of the outcome, we would go full speed with no stopping in mind. Not having gigs has been a real thorn but it has also allowed us to push our online presence more than we thought. Even as the EP has been released we’re still making music and creating an even bigger plan than before.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel do you think?
From what we’ve seen around the world it is troubling to know how devastating this virus has been. Strictly speaking Australia, I think that we just all need to collectively learn and help prevent the transmission of the virus to ensure that things can slowly proceed to a somewhat normality. I have hope that things will get better, even when it may seem worse.

What’s the next challenge for Wake The Blind?
Right now we’re focusing on the year to come and the next release plan. We’ve aimed to make something even better than before and we’re determined to do so.

What’s something that most people wouldn’t know about Wake The Blind?
Between the five members we all have a broad range of musical influences and we generally don’t listen to the music similar to our style.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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