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Perth four piece Spacey Jane have released their brand new album Sunlight. Sunlight is loaded with awesome singles including Good Grief, Head Cold and Good For You. In typical Spacey Jane style, new-ish single Skin brings summery, jangly vibe on a winters day. Spacey Jane are taking Skin on an Australian and New Zealand tour, with a stack of dates already sold out this August. Fingers crossed that the tour gets the green and this health crisis passes over. Caleb and Kieran answer a few questions for Hi Fi Way.

How exciting and stressful has the build up been to the release of your debut album?
CALEB: I’ve been really excited and not really stressed at all. I’m definitely anxious for people to enjoy it but I’m just happy to have it out! Kieran’s probably pretty stressed but he’s the manager so while my work was done six months ago he’s got six to go.

With how the current situation has unfolded have you questioned whether
releasing an album now is a good idea or not?

KIERAN: For sure. Lots of bands & artists have been delaying releases which is totally understandable given how uncertain things are. But for us, at this point we’re really just rearing to go and want to get the music out there and heard.

How has everyone in the band coped with the isolation?
CALEB: I found it pretty hard, it was jarring going from touring non-stop to staying home for a month and I got pretty bored. I think everyone else took it pretty well, it’s definitely nice to have a break.

What are you looking forward to most as restrictions ease?
CALEB: Playing shows!

Did you have a heap of fun making the album?
CALEB: We did, it’s the first time we’ve been able to slow down a bit and enjoy the recording process. Usually we’re rushed to release singles and E.P.’s so it was a nice change.

Were there many challenges to overcome along the way?
CALEB: The hardest part was trying to make the album feel like it’s one piece of art without twelve of the same song. I hope we were able to find that balance.

Is the first album the hardest in trying to create the songs that best represent Spacey Jane?
CALEB: I think the albums to come will be better representations of the band as we get more comfortable in the studio so yea probably. I’ll let you know after the next one.

What did you think when you played the final version of the album back?
CALEB: When we all listened to the first test pressing together it was beautiful but It’s weird because it still doesn’t sound like a whole album to me. We spent so long on each of those tracks so I always get caught up in the details of it, maybe in a year or so we’ll be less attached.

Has the band kept being creative during this limbo phase waiting for the album to come out?
CALEB: Yep I’ve writing more than ever we’ve finally been back rehearsing the last few weeks and jamming some new stuff. Back in the studio in June!

Are you itching to get back on the road when it is possible to do so?
KIERAN: So much! It’s been nice to relax and we’re lucky to be super safe over here but my feet are getting itchy and I’m hoping the situation is well and truly safe & contained sooner rather than later!

What’s next for Spacey Jane?
KIERAN: Good question – our plans are a bit up the air at the moment. We’re jumping back into the studio to start album number two. Beyond that, we’ll be jumping back on tour the second it’s safe and possible to do so.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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Don’t forget the rescheduled tour dates…

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