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South Australian Hip Hop artist Frankie D has dropped new single Ronin after releasing his album Will Rap for Beer earlier in the year. Rapping since he was 17, taking his craft to new levels the last few years with live performances around Adelaide. Once isolation restrictions are lifted he’ll bring it to audiences interstate. Frankie D answered a few questions for the Hi-Fi Way.

Your new single Ronin is out. Can you tell us about what that song is about?
Ronin is a wandering samurai with no lord or master and described by legends to travel the land using their skill set and disciplines to make ends meet. Reading and watching lots of documentaries on the Chinese war and ancient samurai, I decided to write a short narrative which blends that of a Ronin/Warrior with an artist/ rapper and turned it into a small tale whilst trying to instil knowledge on the Chinese dynasties and keeping it flowing with metaphors and rhyme patterns.

How is the creative process when you start writing new music? Is it something you do on your own or do you collaborate with other artists?Great question. I do collaborate very often as its more fun in a group dynamic. We have put together a label/ collective that goes by the name ‘Cool Calm Collective’. But outside of that the creative process is an everyday process where I use everything I see, hear or learn towards new music.

Where do you get your inspiration from when you write your lyrics? Sometimes it can be as simple as learning a new phrase or reading a new book which triggers a productive thought pattern or it can be a recent experience like a rough week at work or in my social life which eventually gets conveyed in some way or form into my music.

Your album Will Rap for Beer was released earlier in the year. What was that like to finally have it released?
Yes it was and it feels great! My first big piece of work that I put out with a few video clips and the feedback has been really positive, so I’m really glad it was well received. It is out now on all streaming platforms and related merch is available on the cool calm collective Bandcamp.

Which artists or bands have been an influence on you personally and professionally?
Definitely Nas, Eminem and A Tribe Called Quest. Illmatic by Nas is one of the most influential music pieces of all time.

Has the COVID-19 situation helped or has it hindered your creative flow?
That’s a tricky one because it has most definitely hindered the live performance aspect but has done wonders for those artists who want to come out of the pandemic stronger. In the last 2 months I can honestly admit I’ve written more songs and produced more beats then I ever have in my career.

What’s in the future for Frankie_D?
The future is looking bright with a few collaborative EPs and mixtapes on the way (one of which being completely produced by myself). Live shows are already starting to get booked according to the laws given they tip in our favour with plans to perform interstate. As well as new music videos, singles, and a few surprises that will become announced in the near future.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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