R U N Release Debut Single “For You”

R U N is a new Australian project built on several collective decades spent toiling through success and failure within the Australian heavy music underground. A duo compromised of vocalist Lochlan Watt (former live member of Thy Art Is Murder/Psycroptic) and guitarist Mike Deslandes (YLVA/High Tension), they pull together extreme metal fury, hardcore accessibility, and the heady contemplation of post-rock into a sound that you’ve likely heard in various places several times before – just never quite blended together like this.

Signalling the project’s foreboding yet bittersweet nature, R U N has unveiled their debut single For You.

Exploding out of speakers through a rush of blast beats, For You is an urgent purge of pain, expelled via a blacked death uproar and executed with deep intent. Co-written by the pair and recorded and engineered by Deslandes – whose vast and varied producer credits include Pagan, The Nation Blue and Iron Mind – in spite of the title, For You is written for oneself, as Watt explains:

“There are several meanings tied up in ‘For You’ – it is a song born from extreme emotional pain, but it is also a song that looks forward while standing firm. It wasn’t written for others… it was written for the self, and where you take it from there is up to you.”

Lochlan Watt is one of the most recognisable names in Australian heavy music. As the long running host of triple j’s metal program THE RACKET, Watt was the frontman of his own heavy bands Nuclear Summer and Colossvs, before stepping up as the live vocalist for Australian extreme elites Thy Art Is Murder and Psycroptic.

Watt’s new project R U N came to existence out of necessity. After a year of repeatedly intense personal upheavals, Watt formed R U N as a vessel for catharsis. He found solace in long-time collaborator Mike Deslandes when they were both surrounded by death, anguish and suicide. For them, R U N was more than just a band – it was a vital lifeline set to become so much more than that. Following a seizure and subsequent discovery of brain cancer, an even more urgent sense of desperation was distilled into the recording as the literal grappling of life-and-death enforced a deadline before the scalpel blade came down.

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