The Mercy Kills Release New Single & Video

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, THE MERCY KILLS are back, with the release of their newly remastered single, Alone.

A re-worked version of a band and live crowd favourite, the track is taken from their debut album Happy To Kill You (2013) and has been remastered and re-released as a single for those reaching out digitally in COVID-19 isolation. The message is simple, “You can’t make it alone!”

“These guys have been around for at least 10 years, same members, same attitude and it was time we got their music out to the world. The world deserves to know who The Mercy Kills are, so we signed them and we are launching them across the US and Europe in 2020/21.” – Mark Alexander-Erber, CEO & Founder, Golden Robot Global Entertainment.

Mix two parts dirty rock with two parts sleaze punk and you get a four shot cocktail called THE MERCY KILLS featuring Mark E (Vox/Guitar), Jen X Costello (Bass/Vox), Nathalie Gellé (Guitar/Vox) and Josh Black (Drums).

Their tastes in music, the desire to write great songs and blast out a killer live show were the key factors shared by this four-piece outfit. THE MERCY KILLS took their name from a line in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “It was a mercy killing”.

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