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Newcastle’s RAAVE TAPES have swiftly been winning over listeners across the country with their impeccably vibrant brand of dance-rock. The now-duo return with Red Flag – an offering that showcases a side of the act that is a lot more RAAVE, and a little less tape.

Red Flag was born out of the duo’s shared and all-too-common experiences of needing to use self-preservation tactics to avoid, yet appease, unwanted advances or encounters. The band drop by to answer some questions for Hi Fi Way.

How has the lead up to your new single Red Flag been?
In one word? Tumultuous. I don’t think any of us could have foreseen it panning out like this. The track would have been out a few weeks earlier, just as the pandemic began to take hold, but it just didn’t feel right to release as everyone was coming to terms with gravity of the situation. We held off a few weeks & honestly it still feels odd, but as they say – the show must go on. We’re thinking of everyone in the industry at the moment, for so many the show unfortunately can’t go on for the foreseeable future. Please donate to support act if you have the means!

Was the process of making this track as challenging as you thought?
It was definitely challenging, but the right kind of challenging. The satisfying kind. This was our first time working with our close friend / new producer Fletcher Matthews & it was a very organic process. Before starting on this new batch of songs, we all had a big chat and re-calibrated where this project was headed. After listening for hours to heaps of our influences, we decided to dive into the more electronic elements of our sound. Excited to show y’all the full picture!

Sonically, how would you describe your music and how has it evolved?A little less tape, a whole lot more rave <3

Who would you consider to be your biggest influence on music and why?
Crazy Frog. Hands down. Musical visionary.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
The ancient proverb – don’t be a dickhead.

What do you love most about the career you’ve had so far, and what are you most excited about for the future?
Honestly the best part has been the friends we’ve made along the way <3 it sounds corny as hell, but meeting so many lovely like-minded people is easily the best part of this whole big dumb thing. Looking forward, we’re most excited about getting back on the stage!!!!! We’ve been tinkering with our shiny new drum machines and sample pads, putting together a whole new juiced-up live set. Something to look forward to eh?

Tell us an interesting fact about yourselves?
We’re both actually school teachers during the week. Lindsay teaches High School and Joab works in preschool & after school care.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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