Barrelling out of the illustrious rock n’ roll crucible of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Tshitaki are an unrelenting assault of choppy guitars offering up a groundswell of in-your-face, turbo charged surf rock. The band have launched their album and are awaiting the green light to take their turbocharged rock n’ roll on an extensive tour to push their baby out in to the big wide world, with World Keeps Turning to be available on all major streaming and downloading platforms, as well as a super limited release of 150 individually numbered vinyl pressings. Mullo (Paul Mullins) tells us more.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of the single Goddam Jellyfish?
We have been really excited about releasing all of our music. Goddamn Jellyfish has been one of our favourite songs to play since we put it together, and have wanted to lay this track down for some time. We think it’s an awesomely catchy riff that doesn’t get stale, and we’re pretty sure most people out there in the surfing community can relate to the story of being stung by a jellyfish can be a bit of a kill-joy.

Was the process of making your single as challenging as you thought?
Recording can always be challenging, when compared to playing live. Having to make sure you get the consistent sound when strumming, or that constant crack when you hit the snare can be frustrating trying to make it perfect, but makes you better for when you do have to perform the songs live. We have put together our own studio to give us flexibility and steer away studio crew who always say “if only we had more time”.

Are you excited with the album release which isn’t far away now?
Hell yeah, can’t wait, It’s been a while in the making and we are pretty damn ready!

Sonically, how would describe your music?
For the most part… high energy music with loud fuzzy guitar, hard hitting drums and catchy melodies with lyrics we hope some can relate to, heavily inspired by the day to day experiences living near the beaches and influenced by awesome amazing rock bands past and present. As much as we like to play loud, we don’t mind bringing it down to a quiet level. For the most part, we come off the stage wrecked from giving the music everything we’ve got.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
Nik (lead vocals & guitar) has had a lot of influence from his family, his folks use to run a youth music theatre company, which had a monumental influence in his mid-teens.

Gwarpy (a.k.a. Paul drummer) His grandfather started teaching the basics with drums from about 10 years old. Playing with many bands in high-school, he was exposed to many different genres of music from other band mates and friends. Sometimes music reminds you of good times you have with people, and sometimes reminds us of struggling times. Ultimately, moulding us into who we are today.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Nothing beyond this moment right now exists yet, so you can make what happens next into whatever you want.

How did the band get together?
If I told you we met on Tinder you’d probably think I was lying and you’d be right about that!! But I wonder if any bands have formed through Tinder?? For sure they would have!! But well Niko and I Paul (bass) went to school together and have played in bands forever together and then we met Paul (drums) on grinder!! No that not true either but again I wonder how many bands?? We met Paul through well Nik met Paul drums first while helping in production for another band and then I chimed in soon after.

Is there a meaning behind the band name Tshitaki?
Names have been a problem for us in the past, we have come up with some shockers or at least ones we really didn’t actually like, but luckily one day Nik noticed a Shitake mushroom at the supermarket and he put the name out there!! We didn’t want to become the “Shit-takers”, so we swooped the spelling to Tshitaki. and well Mushrooms are just cool.

Will Adelaide get a look in next tour?
Tshitaki would love the opportunity to come to Adelaide! We are working hard to making contacts all over Australia, we love visiting new places find that allot of these pleases, really embrace our style and sound.

What’s next for Tshitaki?
Next will be the album release, which will also be in tandem with the next single release. The itch has been pretty strong lately and I feel like there’s a whole lot more music ready to be born in the not so far off. So, watch this space!

Thanks so much for your questions and to anyone who has read this far!!! Hope to see you a gig sometime soon LOL Tshitaki

Interview By Rob Lyon

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