Isol-Aid – Katie Noonan

As the world delves deeper into isolation, the wonder of technology assists in bringing us all closer together and to our favourite musicians.

I have been a fan of Katie Noonan since the days of George, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I actually saw her live. Since then, I have seen her live a lot. Like, really a lot. One of the coolest things KT does is fan meet and greets after each of her shows. It took me a few gigs before I mustered up the courage to say ‘hello’ and get a CD signed from her. I was always afraid of fangirling out so hard I would embarrass myself. But on Saturday 4 April 2020, hiding behind my pseudonym Instagram account, I fangirled like a boss as she performed her twenty-minute live stream set for Isol-Aid.

KT on piano opened with Peace is My Drug, a song written together with Michael Leunig, and the scene was set for an enchantingly sublime and positive experience. Send Out a Little Love followed along with a reminder to do just that in these tough times, ‘Send out a little love to yourself too’.

Continuing with the theme of peace and love, a cover of Stevie Wonder’s Love’s in Need of Love Today was the penultimate song. It generated a warmth among those of us watching as evident by the myriad of heart emojis in the chatbox. Then it was time for the goosebumps to come and the tears to flow with the magnificent Breathe in Now which concluded the short performance.

And yes, KT I was singing my bit at the end entirely off-key through tears and living for the moment!

Live Review By Anita Kertes

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