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So what’s the latest singles in Singles Spin #36? Check out the latest from:

The book has been closed but the story is not over: PARADISE LOST sharpen their pens and add another chapter to their dark, glooming history of death doom and gothic metal. In difficult times, the British legend from Halifax is the drug that numbs the pain, the lover that takes away the sorrows, the story that craves to be told.

Obsidian, the new album from PARADISE LOST, will be released on May 15th. Nick Holmes states: “As a global crisis, it goes without saying Covid 19 has affected everyone and everything, including every aspect of the music industry. As a result, our record label Nuclear Blast offered us the chance to postpone the launch of our latest album ‘Obsidian’ to a less volatile time later in the year.

Taking this into consideration, and the fact the live music circuit is currently in lockdown, we think it’s unnecessary to postpone the release as we think our fans wouldn’t want to wait. Music can be enjoyed in practically any environment, so therefore we are going ahead with the same release date 15.5.20, and we sincerely hope our new album helps to lift your spirits and is a beacon of light in the dark during these uncertain times! Thanks for your continuous support through the years and see you on the road!”

The band has released their first single Fall From Grace that comes with a breath-taking, catching music video.

Badly Drawn Boy, aka Damon Gough, is set to make his eagerly awaited return with the release of a new album through AWAL on the 22nd of May 2020.

Banana Skin Shoes features fourteen brand new tracks including the political pop of current single Is This A Dream? and sees Gough pushing forward yet again both musically and lyrically whilst retaining some of his classic trademarks. The bulk of the album’s production was completed at Eve Studios in Stockport last year with producer Gethin Pearson (Kele Okereke, JAWS) who also mixed the whole record. Damon had previously worked on tracks for the album with legendary producer Youth (The Verve, Paul McCartney) at his studio in London, Keir Stewart (ex-Durutti Column) at Inch Studios and Seadna McPhail at Airtight Studios.

Always one to wear his heart on his sleeve, Gough’s ninth album and first studio album in a decade is a truly personal and heartfelt collection of songs, a huge statement of intent and the most glorious, colourful warming, honest pop record you’ll probably hear all year. From the blast of the opening title track and forthcoming single with its riotous Beck-meets-Beasties ‘cartoony’ hip hop throw down to the immaculately tailored closer I’ll Do My Best a nod to his failings, a prayer to his partner and a lyrical tip of the hat to his hero Bruce Springsteen; this is the sound of a songwriter skipping between musical idioms and emotional extremes with a cool, calm confidence. The new single Banana Skin Shoes is out now and accompanied by an animated video by award-winning film directors Broken Antler.

Breakthrough Australian alt-pop writer/performer/producer Hartley burst into 2020 with the release of her fourth single How It Feels, that of which culminated in the release of her debut and self-titled EP at the end of January and saw playlist additions across 17 different territories. Now, Hartley enters a new chapter with the release of her new single Bittersweet.

Co-produced alongside Nina Jo Wilson aka Ninajirachi, mixed by George Nicholas (Wave Racer, Cosmo’s Midnight and Basenji) and mastered by Colin Leonard (Birds of Prey, Charli XCX and Icona Pop), Bittersweet showcases another side to Hartley, effortlessly blurring the lines between playful and emotive.

Speaking of the track, Hartley notes “I wrote Bittersweet about wanting something you know isn’t good for you – ignoring the signs and the ‘bitterness’ to continue on with the sweet parts for just a little longer.”

Legendary Melbourne punk rock band Bodyjar drop their new single Big Shot. For nearly 20 years now, Bodyjar have built their local & international following with relentless touring demonstrating their blistering high energy live shows, that have made them one of the most respected punk rock bands in the world.

New single Big Shot sees Bodyjar in peak form, calling on all their experience over the years, resulting in one of the bands strongest and most politically charged songs to date. Produced by Bodyjar and Sam Johnson (Northlane, Luca Brasi, Camp Cope, The Bennies), this track is the first piece of new music from the band since their 2017 EP Terra Firma. This is also the first release with new bass player Nick Manuell (The Sinking Teeth, Hawaiian Islands).

“This song is about the lack of leadership on either side of politics and the major corporations that control them. Constantly filling their pockets at the expense of planet earth!” Guitarist Tom Read

Seminal dance-duo Orbital have taken DMA’S beautifully dark and euphoric track Life Is A Game Of Changing and further elevated it into another stratosphere with the addition of dramatic keyboards and emphatic drum programming. Coming in at just over five minutes of electronic bliss, Orbital’s rework isolates Tommy O’Dell’s iconic vocals, giving them space to sit on top the wonderfully, messy beat. The result is an intricate, yet bold journey of sonic exploration that is guaranteed to be dropping on dancefloors to the pure glee of crowds all over the world.

“It was great fun remixing DMA’S – ‘Life is a Game of Changing’. It was really nice to have such a great a vocal to work with. We don’t take on a lot of remixes, but with this one we felt we could really add our Orbital DNA to DMA’S! We are really looking forward to playing it out in our DJ sets this year.” – P+P Orbital

Car Seat Headrest share a new song, Martin, listen and watch the lyric video, with bandleader Will Toledo in the character of ‘Trait’ below. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming new album Making A Door Less Open, set for release May 1 via Matador / Remote Control.

Described by Toledo as “one of the favorite songs that he’s ever written”, Martin is a soaring and majestic ode of life-affirming pop.

Australia’s Cosmo’s Midnight and Ruel reveal the official video for their latest collaborative track Down For You, out via Sony Music (Australia), RCA Records (USA) and Black Butter Records (UK). Having drip-fed individual versions of the clip throughout the week, the trio of pop & electronic heroes now come full circle sharing a unified visual to bring their collaboration to life.

Across two simultaneous shots, Cosmo’s Midnight and Ruel each weave their way through the colour-glazed maze of costumes, masks and wild guests at the same quintessential house party. Directed and filmed by Ruel’s resident creative Grey Ghost from the perspective of each individuals’ adventures, Cosmo’s Midnight are seen stirring trouble and performing switcheroos, while Ruel navigates the dizzying scenes solo in his token space suit, dodging the fallout of the twins’ mischief along the way. Amidst squabbles, a live band, a police raid, apparent cameos by each act and a presiding go-with-the-flow mood, the visuals give a glimpse into the three personalities that forged the original single.

“I wanted to play with the collaboration between Ruel and Cosmo’s Midnight in a unique way that allows fans of both artists to enter into each others’ worlds. Both film clips are seamless one shot videos from start to finish and follow through many rooms and spaces in the one property: my own home. We rehearsed with Ruel and Cosmo’s Midnight a million times before launching into the real takes with 60 extras all dressed in crazy costumes. We shot both videos in 3 hours and we were shitting ourselves before every take as there were SO MANY things that could go wrong even if it was a slight mistake. BUT thank the lawd we got there and it worked!” Grey Ghost

Rock icons Deep Purple have released Throw My Bones, the first single from their highly anticipated new studio album Whoosh!. Throw My Bones is a song to remember; a powerful insight into the bands 21st studio album.

The single is accompanied by a music video that pushes the boundaries of time and place. It is an invitation to take a step back and see the bigger picture, a call for action and an invitation to observe the planet and the current situation on earth.

“January 1st is a snapshot of how I felt and what I was thinking about as we entered 2020. Obviously being in the middle of a nationwide fire emergency, it was a strange feeling trying to celebrate the new year. The ritual felt trivial to me this year, a shin-dig perhaps. Benign almost.

“Instead I found myself withdrawing and reflecting on what was most important at that exact time and space in my life, the love I have for my girlfriend and the respect I have for people that were losing their homes as the celebrations were in full swing.

“There was probably two lovers on Bondi Beach going for it while in Mallacoota a whole family was on the beach praying that their life will still be there waiting for them the next day.

“Such a strange atmosphere yet symbolic of the world at large at the same time, made me realise how sheltered I am, how fortunate I am.” TUKA

Jim Ward has had a long association with Australia since touring with At The Drive-In in the now infamous tour of 2001. What might have seemed like a fleeting but eventful entry into the Australian musical psych Jim has returned many times to these shores under a number of musical monikers. Weather as a solo artist, At the Drive-In, Sleepercar or his Texas post-hardcore outfit Sparta Jim has always created a varied palate of music that crosses genre’s and challenges stereotypical assumptions about his music.

Sparta has revealed a new single Miracle. The track is off the forthcoming new album Trust The River which is set for release April 10 via Dine Alone. It premiered on Consequence of Sound as part of their Origins feature series and the band’s Jim Ward told them, “(Once in the studio) I had all the parts to a song that was being written in the moment…we rehearsed it through twice, then recorded a version to listen back to. That version is what you hear now- we never touched it again. It was an experience I’ve never had before, a song exploding into existence and never looking back….it’s inspired by a fictional timeless romance that’s not been allowed. Lovers who, for whatever reason, can’t share a home or a life. Maybe the lovers are in a time when interracial or interfaith or homosexual relationships are forbidden – but the tag of the song is ‘sometimes miracles come late.’ As in – don’t give up on the love, don’t give up on the faith, don’t give up on hope – don’t give up on the song.”


“I saw a show one night in Brisbane with my friend. Really wild gig, the crowd were turning into animals (in a nice way). I left feeling energised and began to sing the chorus to myself as I walked through the night air. Didn’t think much of it. It just felt like one of the many dumb things I sing to myself as I’m passing time or thinking. And it stayed this way for months.

I struggled to complete the story for a long time. One day, in a particularly foul mood, I finally looked the meaning of the song square in the eye and finished it off. I guess it’s kind of a protest song. It’s a song for those who are writhing in their skin. It’s a song for those who are dreaming of some other place. I don’t want to ruin the fun with an unnecessarily detailed explanation. I think the song speaks for itself.

We recorded this song on 18th October 2019. It was the first recording session for our new album, Mostly Sunny.” – Sam Cromack

George Alice releases her sublime acoustic version of Circles today, which she recorded at the Triple j studios. The song took out the top place on 2019’s Triple j’s annual ‘Unearthed High’ competition – cementing Georgia straight off the bat as one of Australia’s newest indie pop darlings.

George Alice says about the release today, “I wanted to record an acoustic version of circles to show the true beauty behind the lyrics and melodies of the song. There’s so many hidden secrets I wanted to bring to light. Accompanied by a cello and piano the simplicity let’s the song breathe and have its moment rather than covered in pop production like the original. I recorded this version at the triple j studios earlier this year, where I helped musically direct every part I could to showcase all its pretty parts.

Boss Baby Brody – the four-year-old boy who went viral when his mom posted a clip of him dancing to The Nutcracker – takes on Niall Horan’s No Judgement in a new video.

The joyful clip – directed by Kanya McMahon, who also helmed Horan’s Heartbreak Weather video – depicts an average day at the Schaffer family household. When Boss Baby Brody and his sister Dylan grow bored watching TV, they venture into their parents’ walk-in closet, where they find costumes and dance with abandon to Horan’s No Judgement. Soon mum Danielle and dad Bobby join in the fun. When brothers Jackson and Roman arrive home, it becomes a full-on family dance party. The lyrics to No Judgement read like a family anthem to the Schaffer’s, who are longtime fans of Horan, and they felt inspired to offer up their take on the track.

Dream On Dreamer release 2nd single, Don’t Disappear and follow up to Feel So Empty, taken from their fifth and final studio album, What if I Told You It Doesn’t Get Better out March 27 via Believe.

“This song is the first of many in the album that really delve through the introspective emotions that have been involved in ending Dream on Dreamer. We have had and always will have the most gracious and supportive fans. We owe them so much and the debt of gratitude we has weighed heavy on our hearts. This song is about how we felt as a band when the vision was ending. When “everything was changing and we needed to find some new meaning” , but it is also a song about the people who have had something to lean on in these tracks over the years. Something to keep them believing. It breaks our hearts when they say “I need you here, don’t disappear” explains Zachary Britt, Rhythm Guitarist & clean vocalist.

He adds, “We hope these songs and our whole back catalogue will continue to bring hope, understanding and a place to find peace. That is what we have always wanted for the dreamer family, ourselves included.”

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