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So what’s the latest singles in Singles Spin #35? Check out the latest from:

Returning vivacious and energetic as ever, RACKETT brings us a hectic single to kick off a new year of music in OXYTOXIC. Unveiling new pop-driven and experimental sounds last year with Machinations and exploring new territory in the live arena in Australia and Japan, RACKETT continues to flourish with Oxytoxic – a song focused on desire.

Incorporating trap and dance influences on her latest, RACKETT goes large in the positioning and delivery of lyrics that are equal parts intoxicating and enticing. “Got your kiss, named our kids now, all of my picket fence dreams are making sense.” she sings. “At your address, I’m undressed now, come find me standing outside your parents’ house.”

Australian singer-songwriter Starley returns in 2020 with the release of her heartfelt new single Arms Around Me, the second single to be taken from her forthcoming debut album to be released later this year on Central Station Records. Co-written by Grammy nominated Jon Hume, the single is a brilliant combination of Hume’s pop sensibilities and Starley’s honest story telling, resulting in yet another compelling song about the complexities of love.

The single highlights the conflicting emotions when a relationship breaks down, whilst maintaining the joyful uplifting pop/dance stylings Starley has become so well known for, Starley elaborates “‘Arms Around Me’ is a song I wrote about seeking affection from an ex because you’re both lonely. Life can be really hard and sometimes all you need is someone to hold you.”

After premiering via triple j’s Good Nights last night, homegrown rock favourites Hands Like Houses are revealing a new track today in Headrush.

On the genesis of the new track, the band explain that it was born from a busy summer of touring with little rest and time to unwind, adding: “…now that things have cooled down somewhat we thought it’d be sick to bring some good old windows-down, head-bobbing, ground-pounding vibes to throw yourself into a new decade to.”

The Marías have shared their first song and video of the decade. Hold It Together, directed by Bethany Vargas, is a surreal, Lynchian visual that features lush red velvet and reflective orbs that seem to have a life and magnetism of their own. The video pairs well with the other-worldly tone conjured up in Hold It Together, which relies on The Marías masterful command of atmospheric production and enveloping ethereal hooks.

María shares about the making of the song and video, “Josh and I started writing ‘Hold it Together’ in our van while on tour and finished it in the middle of an empty desert a couple months later. At the time the song was written, we were knees deep in nonstop touring, and all we wanted to do was slow down, enjoy each other’s company and have some time alone. As an introvert on tour and the only woman in a band, I was extremely anxious and stressed during this time. I think the song represents my inner turmoil. We also wanted the video to represent this as well. Bethany’s concept captured it beautifully. The chrome balls, from my perspective, almost represented my brain. I wanted to console it and hold it, but at times, it got too much for me to bear and it spiralled out of control.”

If rock is dead, someone forgot to tell Tuk Smith. He flies the flag for the genre in the same way as today’s rock idols have. Lookin’ For Love, Ready For War – the first song written for the eponymous album out later this year.

Tuk explains “It’s got a caveman riff, and soaring hook of pure rock and roll. It’s not a love song, it’s a life song. It’s what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt, and what I have experienced. This is about the self-realization that, when you wanted to make the easy choice you end up having to make the hard choice. It is my own personal anthem”.

Having gained support from the likes of Complex and Wonderland already in 2020, Australian duo Two Another continue their recent hot streak today with the reveal of post midnight R&B offering, One Night.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia – the duo, made up of Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter, are making a grand return this year. Having previously worked under a veil of darkness, 2020 sees Two Another step out of the darkness in rare fashion, tackling head on issues around sexuality, mental health and fatherhood; subjects which have shaped the journey the band have taken so far. One Night served as a bristling statement of intent from a duo you’ll hear a lot from, and who have a lot to say, this year.

THE CROOKEDS have been conquering Melbourne, and they’re ready to take on the world. Fusing the best classic rock elements with the best of today’s Indie/Alternate rock vibe THE CROOKEDS have announced their arrival on the global stage.

Now comes their brand new single: Never Get It. Never Get It delves deeper into the band’s repertoire, producing a soaring and epic track that is soaked in psychedelic rock fusion melded with today’s modern progressive overtones. Never Get It will drag you into its spell and not let you go.

Chicago-bred production duo Louis The Child have joined forces with beloved alt-pop band Foster the People for a stunning new single called Every Color. Co-written by Louis The Child’s Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett and Foster the People frontman Mark Foster, Every Color adds a dose of dreamy psych-pop to the duo’s addictively melodic form of electronic music.

Right from its very first seconds, the collaboration between Louis The Child and Foster the People proves to be a perfect match, with Kennett and Hauldren’s production bringing brilliant textures and shimmering beats to the instantly uplifting track. The latest in a series of exciting releases from Louis The Child, Every Color follows their recent single Don’t Mind — a radiant pop gem that finds Hauldren and Kennett taking over vocal duties for the first time, with no featured artists joining them on the song.

In time for his second North American headline tour, acclaimed Brisbane producer Odd Mob releases a hypnotic new track Bad Moon, on Tinted Records. Contrasting clean pop elements with glitchy production, the track successfully curates a captivating soundscape. Further complementing the track are compelling lyrics courtesy of US singer-songwriter Kameron Alexander, who is known for his work on Illenium’s Pray, Alan Walker & A$AP Rocky’s Live Fast, and a collaborator on Peking Duk records.

Discussing how the song was shaped with newly learnt production techniques, Odd Mob explains, “‘Bad Moon’ really represents the evolution of my music. The lush spacey elements were made to really take you to another place. The track has a lot of elements that I have only just learned how to create over the past year. The whole imagery of the song could best be described as dancing under a full moon on a brightly lit night”.

LAMB OF GOD has released the music video for Memento Mori, the opening track on their forthcoming self-titled album due May 8 via Nuclear Blast.

Executed from a narrative treatment written by vocalist D. Randall Blythe, the Memento Mori video features the band (guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, bassist John Campbell, drummer Art Cruz, and Blythe) performing the unrelenting album opener, from their upcoming self-titled new album (due May 8 worldwide). Lyrically and visually, the message of both the song and video are extremely topical, offering hope at a time of societal and personal upheaval.

Hot off the back of a huge weekend for Violent Soho with their 2013 single Covered In Chrome landing the #4 spot in triple j’s Hottest 100 of the decade, I OH YOU are stoked to share Pick It Up Again, another taste of Soho’s forthcoming fifth studio album Everything Is A-OK, which will be released on Friday 3 April.

Pick It Up Again is a loud exhale of a track about finding resolve and moving on, ‘Whatever you say, whatever I am / It’s all the same, I got a good health plan’. The accompanying video is a staunch nod to the band’s early DIY videos, showing the band cruising around Brisbane, knocking on the doors of locals to give them a special preview of Everything Is A-OK.

In Hearts Wake are back with their first new music in three years! Long time champions of the earth, committed to addressing eco and social injustices, the new single Worldwide Suicide is their most direct and impassioned statement yet. Its message of “ecocide is suicide” is a call for positive action.

“The Antarctic has reached an all time high temperature of 20.7°C. The Australian bushfires have burned over 12 million hectares of land, killing over 1 billion animals. The Climate Crisis is pounding on our door and we need to take action while there is still a window to turn it around. It’s time for profound systemic change as­ individuals and as a community.” said IHW’s Jake Taylor.

Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas) has shared a new single, On The Floor, from the forthcoming new album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately which will be released May 15 via Matador / Remote Control. On the Floor is a full-bodied, celebratory pop song that plays with the album’s themes of love, sex, memory and the body, channelling popular music mythologies while irreverently authoring its own. Perfume Genius directed the video for On The Floor, on which he notes, “A crush can really live on its own, separate from you and the person you are pining for. The fantasy feels like its own world, obsession can turn the person you are longing for into a monument that has less and less to do with them and more to do with the idea of love itself and what it can do, what it can soothe or quiet or light on fire. I wanted to show that maddening, solitary part of desire but keep the core which is a real warmth and belief that you have something crucial to share with each other.”

Just when you were ready to give up on 2020, Tropical Fu*k Storm return with their brand-new 7-inch single, Suburbiopia/This Perfect Day, with help from their mates in Amyl and The Sniffers and Brooklyn weirdos Surfbort AKA the sNIFFsURFsTORM.

A-side Suburbiopia is a love song about suicide cults taking place in a parallel universe where they’re seemingly lemming like death wishes are actually sensible choices. Vocals led by Fiona Kitschin with guest drums and synths by Sean Powell (Surfbort), Amy Taylor (Amyl And The Sniffers) and Dan Kelly, Suburbiopia is a Lo-Fi, Hi-Tech, Sci-Fi, Slo-Grind, disco scuzz, dance smash hit.

With today’s release of new track CUT MYSELF LOOSE comes the news that globally loved Husky will be releasing their new album, STARDUST BLUES on June 12. CUT MYSELF LOOSE showcases Husky Gawenda’s flawless vocals that roll effortlessly over a haunting piano riff. The song is complemented by an emotional live video clip filmed whilst recording the album at The Westbury Hotel. 

Inspired by James Joyce’s Ulysses, Husky Gawenda’s nocturnal ramblings and the band’s love of making music together, the songs on STARDUST BLUES form a narrative that follows a character for 24 hours on his personal odyssey throughout Melbourne as well as his internal and external search for meaning, in which he encounters friends, lovers past and present, memories and dreams, and the day to day struggles and beauty of being a human in 2019.

Perfection’s A Thing And You’re It is out now everywhere. AND Maddy Jane can finally say, you can now pre order / pre save her debut album NOT ALL BAD OR GOOD on all the internets. Album out May 1st.

‘Perfection’s a thing and you’re it’ is sarcasm for ‘perfection is not a thing and you can’t be it, so stop trying.’ This song came from people in my life not accepting other people’s faults and thinking they themselves have none. That, in my experience causes so many more issues if someone is not willing to look at themselves and put it all on another person. But no one is perfect, perfect doesn’t exist. Love yo self and love others for EVERYTHING that they and you are.

Global superstar Ellie Goulding returns with the release of her new single Worry About Me featuring multi-platinum-selling artist/producer blackbear. Ellie has also announced that her new album will be released on 5th June, album title and details to be revealed soon.

For the new single Goulding has teamed up with acclaimed blackbear who rose to fame in 2015 and has since gone on to release five albums in the last five years as well as write and produce for a number of incredible artists. Worry About Me is supreme slice of R&B fuelled pop, with a pulsating bassline throughout as Ellie sings “baby you don’t gotta worry about me” before blackbear jumps onto the track with his unique flow for his verse.

Speaking about the song, Ellie explains “’Worry About Me’ is a song I wrote reminiscing about a time a guy wanted me at his convenience, just as I was getting over him. It is intentionally tongue in cheek because I’m not at all bitter, I just found it humorous. It was refreshing to write, in the sunshine of LA, because at the time I was writing dark songs about my state of mind in New York”, blackbear continues “A song with a passive yet descriptive message of independence charisma & attitude while a statue of smooth still stands tall 😎 – I love this side of Ellie Goulding over this tempo and darker hip hop production. Ellie, to me, is the voice of the UK and is a special artist and human. There was not a hint of hesitation or lack of enthusiasm to get this done asap and shoot a crazy video where I have a twin brother (dark parent trap for adults if you will).”

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