Kingswood “Juveniles”

There’s no doubt that Kingswood are on an upward trajectory right now and it is unfortunate that a world crisis might halt that temporarily but hot damn this album is so good. Kingswood don’t mess about rocking straight out of the blocks with You Make It So Easy. Guitars blazing, there’s some killer fuzzy guitar riffs going on here.

Juveniles is comfortably perched in-between their debut Microscopic Wars and their second album After Hours, Close To Dawn. Album number three shows Kingswood at their glorious best. That classic rock sound with a tinge of Queens Of The Stone Age has been done so well. This album showcases two great rock singers in Fergus Linacre and Alex Laska making for an awesome combo.

Bittersweet, Ready Steady motor along. Say You Remember is a barnstorming single but it’s the heavy riffage of Snake Pit, the pounding drums of Cigarettes In Bed and the joy of Young, Charming & Funny tucked away at the end that stand out boldly. If Only is an interesting one as well with its Brit-Pop sensibilities and the guitar driven Marilyn is one of those rock nuggets that will go off live. Cross My Heart takes an interesting twist and could quite easily be mistaken for a Queens Of The Stone Age tune. Put this album down on your list to check out, fantastic!

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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