The East Pointers @ Fortuna Spiegeltent at The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 10/3/2020

Canadian band, The East Pointers are a trio consisting of Tim Chaisson on Fiddle, guitar, and vocals, his cousin Koady Chaisson on banjo and Jake Charron on keyboards and guitar. They are touring Australia to promote their latest album Yours to Break. It is an excellent album and with it, they become more than a traditional Celtic-influenced folk band. All the traditional sounds are there but by adding trance-like beats they have made something new.

There was a very good-sized crowd for the 7 pm session at the Spiegeltent tonight and the crowd was into it from the start. After a fantastic uplifting opening instrumental many people left their seats to stand at the back so they could dance and did so for the whole set. The second song of the night was the moving Wintergreen from the latest album. It is a very personal song about believing in someone who does not believe in themselves. The video for this track has Emma from the Wiggles doing an Auslan dancing translation of the song. The Australian connection does not stop there as Koady married an Aussie girl and Tim got married to his bride at the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland.

They played Party Wave and Two Weeks from the previous album and I noticed that Tim Chaisson also handles percussion via a stompbox and tambourine played by both feet at the same time, which is quite incredible. Half the songs are instrumentals and half have Tim singing. His voice was warm and sweet on Halfway Tree from the latest album. The next song was the inspiring Woodfordia written for the festival. I remember this great song from when they played it at WOMADelaide three years ago.

Inspired by banjo player Koady Chaisson who started doing a jig on the catwalk everyone got up and danced to the last joyous song. A great night and let’s hope they come back soon.

Fringe Review By Richard De Pizzol

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