Peter Combe @ The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 7/3/2020

The original children’s entertainer Peter Combe returns to Fringe with his show Brush Your Hair with a Toothbrush!! Having been a fan of the iconic South Australian performer in my much earlier years, I decided to finally see a live performance and I was lucky enough to take my daughter along for the experience. I’m still not sure which one of us was more excited for the show to start, and looking around that seemed to be the consensus of most of the crowd – parents that grew up with Combe, bringing their children along to enjoy a bit of fun.

Accompanied by Phil on the keyboard and some very talented children from Theatre Bugs, the show had new material and many classics such as Ting Tang Teng Tong and the crowd favourite Spaghetti Bolognese. Being a show focused towards children, audience participation was very much encouraged. The youngest of the crowd didn’t need to be asked twice and happily joined in the fun, with the adults being harder to persuade but were just as enthusiastic once they got going.

With a children’s entertainment career edging close to forty years, I was very pleasantly surprised that there was still as much enthusiasm, energy and fun in the show that I remember seeing on my old VHS of Combe’s songs back in the very early 90’s.My 4-year-old didn’t know all that many of the songs if I’m honest, but she had a great time regardless. She’s always up for a sing and a dance, so this was definitely the show for her!

Fringe Review By Sarah Bulach

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