Groove Terminator & The Soweto Gospel Choir’s History of House @ Gluttony, Adelaide 07/03/2020

All the old school and young clubbers were out in force Saturday night and what a night of House music it was! Groove Terminator & and the Soweto Gospel Choir’s History of House is the biggest party of the Fringe as far as shows go. Packing a full house into The Moa venue there wasn’t a single space left. Hundreds of people excited and ready to dance to the history of House music.

Accompanied by the Soweto Gospel Choir who are amazing in their own right, Simon LeWicki aka Groove Terminator Adelaide’s own legendary House DJ brought the “House music all night long.” It was a blast dancing and going down memory lane for all the big classic hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the anthem House tracks. 

Starting with a crowd favourite of Black Box’s Ride on Time then sliding into the Robyn S hit Show Me Love it was non-stop hit after hit. Groove Terminator’s mix of the Chic hit Freak Out with the powerful voices of the Soweto Gospel Choir was just off the levels with plenty of 70s tracks that made it hard to not move your feet. As Groove Terminator said “If you didn’t come to dance, what are you doing here?”

The 80s hits were just as iconic with Prince’s 1999, Eurythmic’s Sweet Dreams and the ever-popular Whitney Houston track I Wanna Dance With Somebody. So many more hits mixed in to create a setlist that pleased everyone. The 90s were just as crazy with hits like Everybody’s Free and Relight My Fire. It was hit after hit and the crowd’s singing was just as powerful as the choir.

With so many hands up in the air, jumping and dancing it was a non-stop dance party with all your favourite songs. The Soweto Gospel Choir were dancing and interacting with the crowd and it looked like they were having the time of their lives. The tribute to Nelson Mandela was at the same time respectful and a huge celebration. Groove Terminator is one cool cat and his love for House is plain and simple – MIGHTY. It showed. We felt it. It was such a BIG night of solid house tracks and this show is not to be missed for a night of BIG FUN.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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