Jarred Fell @ The Howling Owl, Adelaide 6/3/2020

I first saw Jarred Fell at After Hours Cabaret Club a few weeks back and he was brilliant then. Now that I’ve seen his own show, I’m struggling to find a better word to describe him. So, just cutting to the chase for those that only read the first paragraph of a review; GO SEE HIS SHOW! For those still sticking around to read the rest let me tell you how f**king funny he is.

Walking onto the stage with loud banging rock music he looks like a rock star but he is an edgy magician/comedian. Jarred Fell – Off The Wagon is his triumphant return from the slumps of the past year where he was dumped by NBC and had to go back to London. That’s not a bad thing as Adelaide Fringe audiences get to see this hilarious artist with his downright dirty and cheeky comedy. The magic isn’t so bad either!

This is one of those shows where you can’t tell too much because the best parts are in the element of surprise. Basically, as he explains his magic is not about cutting a girl in half, there’s the not so usual kinds of card tricks, what can only be described as mind magic tricks and the squeamish use of a needle as well as plenty of sexual inuendo, subtle insults and no f**ks given attitude.

The crowd were loving it even those poor souls that were selected to participate in some risqué tricks. I say risqué as there may or may not be appearances by a dildo and other sexual organs. Fell somehow brings out the uninhibited actions of his victims which makes the show more exciting and funnier. You never know who will be chosen and if you think by not sitting in the front row you’re safe.…then think again! He’s sharp, funny and you will laugh yourself silly.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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