Amyl And The Sniffers @ LVL 5 At RCC, Adelaide 5/3/2020

RCC you’ve done it again! What a masterstroke adding up and comers Amyl And The Sniffers to the RCC line up. Even now my ears are still ringing after seeing a ripping set full of fire and brimstone. It was that hot in what was the old Uni Bar that condensation was forming on the the windows. I have been to some awesome shows over the last couple of weeks without a shadow of a doubt this one is right up there.

I really dig the way that the band goes about it with that true punk rock spirit without any care for rules or expectations on how it should be done but doing it their way. The show started later than scheduled with Virgin Airlines losing the band’s gear. The show went on and by the time the band went on the venue would have been close to full.

With a full throttle intro in Mole (Sniff Sniff) that intensity continued through Shake Ya and Mandalay. By this stage ear plugs seemed pointless it was that loud! After Cup Of Destiny Amy spoke about their lost gear and reminded the crowd not to be dickheads, don’t touch other but get rowdy if you want to be rowdy.

There wasn’t a heap of chit chat as the band kept the music coming, the crowd jumped and moshed even launching themselves off the stage in to the crowd. There was some absolute belters with Westgate, Gacked On Anger, Starfire 500 and Stole My Pushbike. There was a plug for their DJ set at the Crown & Anchor later that night and well in to the morning. Set staple I’m Not A Loser and after Guided By Angels Amy jumped out in to the crowd to sing Got You. Right at the end Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled) was a killer end to finish their set before the encore. Amyl And The Sniffers will continue their upward trajectory and when they return to Adelaide they will for certain be playing a much bigger venue.

Fringe Review By Rob Lyon

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