CIRCUIT @ The Flamingo At Gluttony, Adelaide 7/3/2020

What do you get when you cross interactive technology, music, acrobatics, dancing and people throwing themselves off a ten-foot-tall wall? A damn good time! And a good time is precisely what CIRCUIT delivers.

From the creators of Adelaide Fringe staple 360 Allstars, Onyx Productions, comes CIRCUIT, a fast-paced genre-bending feast of the senses that is equal parts entertaining and exhilarating.

With an international cast of seven that includes Australia’s own DJ B.TWO on the wheels of steel providing the soundtrack for the performance, everyone’s talent is showcased in a segment of their own.

Jinge Wang kicks things off with an impressive Diabolo routine blended with acrobatics. He is followed by bounce juggler Bertan Canbeldek who handles multiple balls with such precision men everywhere would be jealous. Steph Mouat, another Aussie, takes the vibe down a notch yet still manages to amaze with incredible feats of strength and balance. Elijah Holt, Carl Rom Colthoff and Joelle Comeau then come seemingly from out of nowhere with an audacious trampoline routine that has the audience wondering if The Flamingo big top is actually big enough to handle their bounce. Even DJ B.TWO has his opportunity to shine and shine he does as he mixes like a boss in the DJ booth part way through the show. At the same time, a projection of his mixing is shown on the set for all to be amazed by.

The set itself is a cast member of its own. Three simple white walls transmute into vibrant canvases via projectors to match the content of each performance. The effect of the art tech is such that it makes the small stage appear grander than what it is. This only serves to enhance an already sensational show.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the show is the final trampoline routine by Holt, Rom Colthoff and Comeau. The high energy, death-defying routine has all three leaping from the top of the set onto the trampoline and back in a perfectly choreographed pseudo dance. The trio’s comradery and chemistry is abundantly evident as they support each other verbally and physically with ease and grace. When considering one wrong step from any of them could have devastating results, their skill, talent and artistry is awe-inspiring.

CIRCUIT is a digital circus performance unlike any other at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe. It showcases phenomenal talent across multiple genres and culminates in a high calibre, highly entertaining, family-friendly performance.

Fringe Review By Anita Kertes

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