Michael Shafar @ Gluttony, Adelaide 3/3/2020

After being diagnosed with cancer and writing a show about it last year he returns with his new show; Michael Shafar is Getting Better. Settling in The Squeaker tent in Gluttony the audience for his first show were pretty lively for a Tuesday night in Adelaide.

Shafar knows his audience and worked us all very nicely. Even the guy in the front row; Macca. Macca was your typical blokey looking bloke and when asked what he did for a living, Shafar was surprised to hear he worked at the tax office. Macca was for the most part a butt of his jokes but all in a good way providing us with a few belly laughs.

Shafar’s comedy style is pretty cool calm and collected and he knows how to play the crowd. Tonight’s show was his preview night and despite only arriving in Adelaide that day he was on fire. No topic was taboo. Whether it be about his Jewish religion, the Catholic church, his girlfriend or even about his Mother who happened to be in the audience that night proving that nothing was off limits. He kept warning us it was going to get dark and it did. A funny kind of dark!

I’ve seen Michael Shafar a few times now and for me tonight’s show was his most relaxed and funniest yet. Bantering with the audience a lot more for this show and really bringing out a more impromptu side to his comedy. It’s a good thing he is Getting Better!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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