Effie Love Me Tinder @ Fortuna Spiegeltent, Adelaide 29/02/2020

Hello Effie – Good Thanks! All the classic lines that we love about this adorable Greek Goddess were part of the Effie Love Me Tinder show at Gluttony. Starting with Tinder profiles on the big screen and the last one being Effie’s Uncle Vasilli who came on stage to chat with us. After the death of his wife he was ready to get his Mr Zeus back in action once again. Considering himself as a bit of a chick magnet the first part of the show was all about the funny antics of his conquests and life as a single Greek man.

The loudest roars and cheers were reserved for Effie once she graced the stage in her tight red dress. As she always tells us “Beauty is a curse and she’s got it!” The trademark boofy “hairs” and red lipstick were in full force and so were the sharp witty back handed compliments. The show is about her newly married life and the struggles of being single for so long to married life with her husband, “skip” Shane Bradley Cooper. This leads her to Tinder!

Mary Coustas has created a lovable “wog” character and everything that Effie says and does is a non-stop hilarious hour of fun. Showing her true genius is when she interacts with the audience and showcases her spontaneous banter and conversation with unsuspecting couples. This was the highlight; talking to couples who have been together for 30-40 years, a Greek couple who met at a relative’s three month memorial service and couples who met on Tinder.

There was a good mix of stand up and comical video routines and video narrations in true Effie style giving Love Me Tinder the right balance of fun, laughter and unexpected interaction. Effie is a true Aussie icon and shows no signs of stopping the laughs.

Fringe Review by Anastasia Lambis

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