Void Of Vision, Diamond Construct, Alt. @ Crown & Anchor, Adelaide 28/2/2020

The rumblings of the vibrant Aussie heavy music scene call to the Adelaide brethren tonight to converge on the Cranker, as Void Of Vision roll into town with their Hyperdaze show.

The Victorians latest album is a beast of art, transferring the flammable energy of their show onto record. Bringing this energy to a packed Cranker, with a stellar support cast, makes this the place to be on a cool Friday evening.

Opening is Alt. , formally After Change, who are building momentum for themselves having announced shows interstate on the back of a new single Chasing Safety from their forthcoming EP. It’s from this EP the set list is drawn from, an modern alternative take on metal, with vocal melodies, catchy chorus’s and great breakdowns. Finishing with the excellent Insubordinate Alt. have left an indelible mark tonight and it won’t be too long before we are saying ‘After who?’

Diamond Construct blew through town last year on shows with Windwaker and Born Of Osiris. Since then, a triumphant set at Unify has been one of many highlights for a band that leaves nothing backstage.

Instantly there is a circle pit as singer Kynan jumps into the audience, whipping up a frenzy. The music is gloriously heavy while allowing the subtlety of light through the vocals as displayed in Hypno. Wall of deaths emerge as the band weigh the set list heavily on the their last, self titled cracker of an album. The intensity electrifies as the walls shake under the pressure drops of the band on tracks such as Morphine Eyes. They are energy personified.

Void Of Vision has had a challenge laid down to them from the supports and they don’t blink, such is the steely eyed focus of vocalist Jack Bergin. Connecting with each audience member, face to face, the intimacy fuels the flames of the performance.

The shows runs parallel with the album, opening with soft sounds of Overture before that hellish dropped down bass rumble of Year Of The Rat is deployed onto the awaiting crowd.

It’s breathless as the band hammer the tracks out, Adrenaline, Decay and those drums on Splinter rattle the venue. The band are right in the zone and it’s thirty minutes of not fucking around.

After the exceptional album playlist has finished on Hyperdaze itself, they break into the back catalogue of goodies. Purge, Nightmare and Kill All My Friends display what great songs they have always brought to the stage.

As they finish on Ghost In The Machine, the rumblings die down, the amplifiers switched off and you’re left with a dazed feeling that this band will be our next gem in the fertile Aussie scene to be exported. Maybe it was a Hyperdaze after all.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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