Mengle @ Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide 27/2/2020

After successful runs in Adelaide Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe in recent years, Mengele is back for the 2020 festival season.

Starring Timothy Marriott, we begin on a beach in Brazil, the year is 1979. A man is washed up onto the beach, and when he comes to he assumes that the lady sitting nearby is his saviour. Mengele is wanting to know more about this mysterious woman and when she avoids his questions, he finds himself volunteering pieces of his own past, without actually giving away his true self.

The woman eventually begins to ask questions to keep the conversation going, seemingly wanting more information and Mengele is only happy to oblige, his ego egging him on. He is proud of what he did in the war and is willing to talk. He tries to justify the millions of lives that were taken in the name of his studies of eugenics saying, “it is what it is”.

This piece is interestingly not intended to make Mengele out as a monster as is so easily done but instead, makes him very real, human, and almost relatable. Weaved through this performance is clips from Holocaust documentaries and this aids in hammering home the atrocities that occurred, should you ever find yourself feeling sorry for this man who is pleading his case in front of the audience.

Marriott is fully committed to his performance and is perfectly complimented by the performance of Stefanie Rossi. They make a great team and the show highlights just what can happen when racism is left to run riot and how easy it is for the human race to turn on each other. The takeaway message is summed up by Holocaust survivor, and friend Marriott’s, Eva Moses Kor: “When you get up in the morning, think of doing something good”

Fringe Review By Sarah Bulach

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