Eddie Ifft @ The Box, The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 26/2/2020

Early on during his show Eddie is having doubts about his audience and he lets us know with, “I’m not gonna lie to you. That was low energy”. He admits that although he is at 85 percent that we, “the Wednesday night crowd in Adelaide”, are at only 30 percent. It is something he returns to comment on throughout the show, acknowledging that it is a hard crowd tonight and that “Wednesday crowds are the connoisseurs of comedy”. This leads into a story about doing a show for 10,000 people one night then to only one person the next and that person got up to go to the toilet during that show.

Throughout the rest of the show the topics flow easily from one to another and are as varied as his living in a “battery world” and his addiction to his phone through to his hoarding of contact lenses due to the impending apocalypse and end times. He relates his wife’s buying of a “maker-upper” home while he is away on tour and the subsequent renovations involving the use of illegal immigrants in the form of Mexicans and shares his observation that Australian Mexican food is just Indian food in an enchilada.

Eddie tells us about his kids and the practicalities of baby making which in a round about way leads into his explanation for the title of the show Dr. Google which is addressed in amongst some very low brow humour during which certain slang sexual terminology is discussed after which he apologies, “I am trying to get clean”. It is this more crass, dirtier material that draws a bigger response and Eddie addresses this with, “So that’s where you’re at? That’s the level?”

At the end of the show, there’s some superfluous encore-like observational comedy as though Eddie is hanging around not wanting to leave and unnecessarily trying to salvage the show that came before and that would be my only real criticism. Although there were moments that may not have appeared to be entirely successful with the audience assembled tonight (something that Eddie commented on at the time), overall it had an endearing loose feel and I would not hesitate to recommend this show.

Fringe Review By Jason Leigh

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