Still glowing after unveiling their stunning sophomore album My Resignation to rapturous acclaim since its release in October last year, dream-pop duo Geowulf have ensured their star will keep ascending as they lock in a cosmic run of Australian dates starting this Sunday. Star Kendrick spoke to Hi Fi Way about the tour from country Victoria whilst writing for their third album.

Has life felt like a whirlwind since the album has come out?
Yeah, definitely, it has been great! We’re looking forward to our Australian tour dates starting on Sunday in Sydney.

Have you been surprised by how quickly things have taken off?
The album was wild and crazy because we had one of our songs in a TV commercial. We’ve been doing music for years and it is good that it feels it is going somewhere.

Do you get a moment to stop, catch your breath and reflect on what you have achieved?
I think being able to come out to Australia and spend time with my family is important, being able to check in rather than being caught in thinking always about what is next. Thinking this is really cool rather than I want this or I want that. It is great to be able to make a living though out of something we love.

For the uninitiated and are only starting to catch on how did you meet Toma?
Toma is my sister’s fiance, my housemate and I were friends with him and I was dating his friend, we’re all part of a big group that moved over to London. We were on the same page with a lot of stuff and everything happened really organically. It was a lot of fun and it was like let’s keep doing this.

Were you surprised that such a strong friendship blossomed in to such a dynamic song writing partnership?
Definitely, Toma is my brother now and we’ll always be touring together. He’s married my sister so we’re definitely family now!

How would you describe the album My Resignation?
I would like to think there is vintage Shirley, 60s and 70s music being a bit of a pop retro album in a way.

The lyrics are quite deep, did you intend on the lyrical content being so personal?
We didn’t plan that, when you write it is great to be able to use it as a tool to convey feelings. I don’t think it was planned to be as personal as it was but we were happy to share once it had been finished, there would be no point otherwise or censoring what you’re saying. It isn’t being honest.

What was the energy like in those writing sessions?
It was good, some days you might feel like crap and music is something that is hard to quantify. You might spend ten hours on a song and feel like you’re getting nowhere and other days you might not actually write a song. If you’re with someone who you trust and there’s a good energy and see eye to eye on a lot of stuff it can be good. We had some new people on this album which really shook things up a bit. It is nice to be able to collaborate with people because it is easy to get stuck in the same way of doing things.

Has the Geowulf sound changed much between albums?
I think we have refined what we want to sound like. The first album was a bit of a happy accident in a way but we were more focused on the new album.

Are you excited for these tour dates coming up?
Definitely! It will be great to be able to perform in front of family who have not seen us play so this tour will be really special.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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