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It has been an absolutely huge twelve months for THE VANNS. With the release of their debut album Through The Walls, the South Coast band firmly cemented their identity as one of Australia’s most formidable names on the indie rock circuit. Now, with a new decade already kicking into gear, The VANNS announce they’re getting back out on the road this Autumn. Jimmy Vann answers some questions for Hi Fi Way.

Congratulations on the album, you must be over the moon with how well it turned out?
Thank you! We’re bloody stoked to finally have it out and be able to play all the songs off it live and people get around them.

Have you been happy with the feedback from fans?
The feedback has been unreal. We played a show the day after it came out and people were already belting out the songs and singing along. The support from our fans is what keeps us alive and we can’t thank y’all enough for giving the record a spin or coming to a show!

Did you have that feeling in the studio that these songs had something special about them?
For myself all the songs on the album were special but I had no idea people would respond they way they have. We just made sure whatever we put down on record was honest and real and was the best we could give.

How was the recording process and did everything go as you had planned?
I feel for most artists, you go in the studio with a rough idea and plan of what you’re going to do and then it can get flipped on its head because you’re inspired and come up with new ideas during the process and I feel you have to act on that when it happens. So you could say it somewhat went to plan but was also complete pandemonium.

What was the best piece of advice you were given along the way?
Probably off my old man, “Keep it real and bullshit free”.

Who are your musician heroes and who do you look to for inspiration?
Heroes for me would have to be Springsteen & Jeff Buckley. At the time of recording the album our producer Oscar Dawson was a huge inspiration. I really valued what he had to say about any part of making the record, he really got the best out of us as songwriters and as a band.

How would you compare the album to your two earlier EP’s?
It’s quite different but that was always the plan. We want to keep everything exciting for us and for people who listen. We’ve just developed as a band and will continue to do so, keep experimenting with who we are as musicians and as songwriters.

Which song/s are you enjoying the most playing live?
It would have to be Chelsea and Fake Friends off the album. Crowds have been singing them word for word and these songs for us are something really fresh and we love playing them.

Are you looking forward to returning to Adelaide to play the U’Ball?
Absolutely! Adelaide has always been so good to us. You’re a rowdy bunch and we bloody love that!

What’s next for The Vanns? International touring?
We’re going to continue writing and try to get another album under our belts real soon and hopefully this year we will be taking our music overseas. UK & Europe is where we want to be.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch The Vanns on the following tour dates…

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