Tim Rogers, Sean Kemp @ Atze’s Corner Wines, Nuriootpa SA 25/1/2020

Atze’s Corner Wines is nestled away in the heart of Nuriootpa in the Barossa. This picturesque location in amongst vineyards was a fantastic spot to see two awesome talents Tim Rogers and Sean Kemp. Azte’s Corner Wines was founded by sixth generation grape grower Andy Kalleske making wines from century old Shriaz vines and new planted varietals such as Vermentino, Montepulciano, Graciano and Durif.

The stage was a little unconventional compared to the more usual stage set up with a Ford 1926 Model T Truck adding to the ambience and the uniqueness of this event. The show was intimate in nature and had been sold out for quite some time so the order of the day was great wine, great food (thanks Barossa Street Foods), great music and of course great people.

Opening proceedings was Sean Kemp who was accompanied by his brother Drew and backing singer Kirsten. They played two sets consisting of their own compositions and some really good covers. The windy conditions at times made things tricky and with some sound issues they pushed through with an appreciative crowd enjoying what they had to offer. My Hero (Foo Fighters) was excellent and even one excitable punter yelled out in appreciation to which Sean acknowledged “yeah, he knows it!” The Screaming Jets Shivers was well done and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of harmless self promotion to get his Facebook likes up to one thousand enticing punters with a free alcoholic beverage. Original song Are You OK and Lady Gaga’s Poker Face wrapped up their first set.

Returning for their second set after a short break had some awesome moments kicking off with Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train. Love that song! The Ritchie Valens cover Donna was a great choice but the winner for me was the Thin Lizzy cover Whiskey In A Jar. Wow! Hey Tim seemed logical given who they were supporting before finishing on Nirvana’s All Apologies.

Tim Rogers (You Am I) needs no introduction as he took to the stage, well the Ford 1926 Model T Truck plugging his guitar and his own microphone saying that he will be playing songs of misery from a young boy trying his best for our enjoyment acknowledging that most people have a short attention span these days. I think it is these types of shows that shows Rogers at his best and shows how great a song writer he actually is. Opening with Daemons from You Am I’s Porridge & Hotsauce followed by The Umpire’s Son which Rogers stated that was not autobiographical as that would be churlish. He reflected on his father and how he got through his third cancer which received warm applause of support.

Wild One was next as Rogers posed the question”ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t and who was the first pretty girl who said yes?” There was some reflection on that relationship playing Ghost Songs which he mentioned featured Missy Higgins. My favourite If We Can’t Get It Together was pure class with Rogers saying it was big in 1997 but I wasn’t not as well dressed as I am in 2020. Rogers also talked about the time he met Colin Hay and talking a walk with and not really remembering what they spoke about. Jaimmes Got A Gal and Damage were fantastic moments.

With the breeze picking up Rogers asked if his hair was getting messed up before playing Under The Flight Path. There is always one in every crowd and he got his moment when Paragon Cafe was played. The story behind that one was humorous and then there was parenting advice preceding Dinosaurs. You’ve Been So Good To Me So Far was another highlight for me.

Rogers spoke of his time collaborating with Australia jazz and funk musicians The Bamboos saying not to get mixed up with jazz musicians otherwise they’ll fuck you up thinking that he could teach them something. The irony to the story was almost being killed hanging the head out of the tour van window, feeling a bit dusty, by driver sporting a Powderfinger t-shirt coming the other way.

As the sun started to set Rogers set was coming to an end. With a few to go it was the Wilco support slot inspired Hi, We’re The Support Band and Berlin Chair which was intertwined with Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown). The show came to an end on a song Tim wrote for his hero Charlie Rich in Heavy Heart that had this intimate crowd singing along. Really good show in a great location, be sure to keep an eye on what’s happening at Atze’s Corner Wines.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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