Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes @ The Gov, Adelaide 24/1/2020

Frank Carter maybe short in stature but he packs one hell of a punch when it comes to his live show. When he took to the stage with his band The Rattlesnakes you could feel the energy levels in the room rise right from the get go with Tyrant Lizard King. Carter told the parochial crowd that it was a pleasure to be here tonight before asking the crowd if they were ready to rock… and they did! Trouble continued in a similar vein with Carter indicating that Juggernaut was as old as his daughter who was born in 2015.

Being a long way from home Carter was thankful and appreciative of the crowd for coming out. He spoke of Vampires as being about laying in bed with your partner and she rolls over saying you’re an ego maniac and goes back to sleep. Carter is the ultimate host doing shots at the bar going on to say that he only had two hands to bring drinks back with him. He then requested the dance floor to be split and then grab a partner to do a slow dance for the next three minutes and love it. After Carter quipped “I know you’re feeling good now!”

One of the really important messages to come out of the show was the discussion around anxiety and depression. Carter has been down this road before and I think his words were so important to impart on the audience. His quote “if you’re feeling anxious or don’t feel good in the morning, you’ve got the rest of the day to make yourself feel better.” As he highlighted coming to see The Rattlesnakes will help but as much as he would like he couldn’t do year long residences. Carter again pressed the importance of sharing and talking “it out of you” and went on to thank the band for keeping him alive. Anxiety was a really poignant moment of the set.

At Carter’s request he asked the crowd to open up the dance floor and said we’ve seen a slow dance mosh pit but this time to make a space for the ladies encouraging the guys to protect the space so they could enjoy Wild Flowers. Fangs was a ripper and Carter later said that he loves the way he feels walking out on stage and the energy he gets from the crowd and that they desperately look for that wishing they could bottle it but adding that’s why they keep touring and playing gigs. Acid Veins reflected that sentiment.

There was a lot of positivity around the messaging behind Angel Wings with Carter reinforcing the need to find your support networks as suicide is the biggest killer of men under forty five. The crowd really enjoyed the likes of Super Villain, Heartbreaker and Kitty Sucker. Lullaby was dedicated to Carter’s daughter.

The end was near with Crowbar, The Devil Inside Me pushing the set closer to the end. Rosie in the crowd scored Carter’s sweaty shirt making for an awesome show keepsake. With no encore the show came to an end on the ball tearer I Hate You. It was a solid night of rock ‘n roll with a promise from Carter to be back in Australia again next year with a new album, no pressure!

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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