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So what’s the latest singles in Singles Spin #23? Check out the latest from:

Having recently traveled to Australia as part of the BIGSOUND conference in September and delivering a thought provoking keynote conversation hosted by Karen Leng (DOUBLE J), Best Coast — comprised of Bethany Cosentino (vocals, guitar) and Bobb Bruno (guitar) — have returned with an incredible new song, entitled For The First Time. The track is the first taste of the forthcoming Best Coast album, which will be entitled Always Tomorrow, and is due for release in 2020.

Sunnyboys release Can’t You Stop their first recording of all new music since Comes As No Surprise, their swan song 7” in 1984.

Recorded in 2018 at Airlock Studios Brisbane and mixed by in demand engineer Konstatine Kerstin, Can’t You Stop is a reworking of a song Jeremy Oxley recorded and released on the Waterfront label under the guise The Fisherman in 1986. In this revised version Can’t You Stop features an all new arrangement plus those glorious trademark Sunnyboys harmonies.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy®-winning singer and songwriter OZZY OSBOURNE today has released his next track Straight To Hell. It marks the second song to be released from his first album in 10 years, ORDINARY MAN, due out on Epic Records through Sony Music Entertainment Australia in early 2020.

On the full-on rocker Straight To Hell, OZZY takes listeners to the heart of darkness–“Something is missing and you don’t know why”–with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash along for this devilish ride, delivering scorched-earth riffs.

To mark U2’s first ever visit to India, a new track titled Ahimsa from U2 and legendary composer A.R. Rahman. has been released. Ahimsa – the Sanskrit word for non-violence – celebrates the spiritual diversity of India and connects the ethos of U2 with the mastery of A.R. Rahman. The collaboration comes less than one month ahead of U2’s first ever show in India.

A.R. Rahman said – “Ahimsa requires courage and strength. A quality that is impervious to weapons or power. It’s a mission which is most needed to heal the modern world and it is incredible timing to collaborate with U2, with their amazing legacy, to revive this movement.”

Bono said – “The fight against injustice has always been so important to us. We were somewhat shaped and formed by Martin Luther King who was a student of Mahatma Gandhi. Martin Luther King said ‘The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice….’. I don’t believe that any more… It doesn’t bend towards justice, it has to be bent towards justice. We have to be actively involved in our democracy to preserve it and show people how we feel and what we care about… We come as students to the source of inspiration… That is ahimsa… non-violence… India gave this to us… the greatest gift to the world… It is more powerful than nuclear energy, the armies, the navies, the British Empire. It is power itself. And it’s never been more important.”

The official video for Noel Gallagher’s Wandering Star has arrived, featuring guest actors Stephen Graham (The Irishman, Line Of Duty, This Is England) and his wife Hannah Walters (This Is England, Pirates of the Caribbean)!

Dan Cadan, who co-directed the video with Scully, says: “This isn’t an anti-Christmas video, quite the opposite. We wanted to highlight the plight that can affect people, especially around Christmas; the pressures from commercial bombardment and a consumerist society, for a single-parent who will stop at nothing to ensure their kids feel the magic that so many take for granted. We hope this fills you with Christmas cheer and strikes a chord enough for you to raise a glass to those less fortunate but equally as deserving.”

SharpTone Records is proud to announce the signing of rising post hardcore / punk outfit STEPSON and has released a brand-new video for single The Entire History of You ahead of tour with Ocean Sleeper.

‘’We’re so thrilled to announce our partnership with SharpTone Records, every artists dream growing up is to make music that can reach as many ears as possible & to know that we have the support of a label with some of our favourite bands blows our mind.” – Jayden Ridley.

Jayden further comments “The Entire History Of You is a culmination of the last few years of the band. This is the heaviest song we have written yet & explores the darker side of our emotions both musically & lyrically.”

Adelaide’s Alda Sky are back with their ferocious new tune Unfavoured ahead of jumping up to support Windwaker on their Adelaide leg of their headline tour at the end of November!

Alda Sky bring soaring light and perfectly contrasted dark shade to the table with Unfavoured, the band’s first release in over two years produced mixed and mastered in Melbourne by Chris Lalic (Windwaker). Lyrically, Unfavoured addresses the inherent need to feel wanted and connected in amongst a world that is so connected that one voice simply becomes white noise in a void of billions more.

Vocalist Josh Badcock highlights the motivation behind the new single in saying that “all the while we suffer as rejects and second class citizens, we witness the ruling elite impose systems of fear and control, whilst the world fights itself over irrelevant issues. Dealing with all of these issues, it becomes a struggle knowing who to trust and whether trying to live a ‘normal’ life is better than looking for the quickest way out.”

Full of raw energy, loveable irreverence and dynamite tunes, all of which have now become synonymous with the unmistakeable, sun-drenched pop of Hockey Dad. The childhood mates formed in their hometown of Windang in NSW, have taken their raucous shows and jangly fuzz-pop songs all around the globe. Hockey Dad are now informed with a worldly experience that only comes with the far-reaching travel of a seasoned touring band.

The duo come bursting through the gates with new offering I Missed Out. Produced by John Goodsmanson (Blend Inn) I Missed Out is full of frenetic energy and possess a manic guitar line. This jam is bound to hurtle them into the international spotlight yet again.

The official music video is also out as well. Fleming shares – “I’ve always appreciated warped and tweaked music videos growing up and was super keen to give it a go. With this single being darker, fast paced and somewhat ominous, it all seemed to fall into place very quickly. We took it upon ourselves to film nearby home with our mate Tom, focussing on up-close and personal shots with weird positioning. We then took the footage to our mate Greg to help give the clip a more tweaked look. Turned out to be super fun. Greg’s analogue tweaks are real unique and I was buzzing on that. It was like the unintentional and accidental moments within glitches were our favourite ones.”

Transcendent, two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning rock band, Evanescence, has returned with their first new rock recording in eight years, The Chain (From Gears 5). The band recorded their signature-rock version of the Fleetwood Mac classic following lead singer Amy Lee having lent her vocals to the launch trailer for Xbox Game Studios’ Gears 5 for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam, from the massively popular Gears of War series.

“This cover was so fun to make. We love Fleetwood Mac and wanted to paint a dark and epic picture with our take on ‘The Chain,’” says Amy Lee. “The lyrics make me feel the power of standing together against great forces trying to pull us apart, perhaps even from the inside. I really wanted to drive that home in our version, and even made everyone in the band sing by the end of it! We’re beyond excited to share this with our fans and I’m really looking forward to playing it live.”

Marilyn Manson has teamed up with producer Shooter Jennings to record a cover of The Doors’ The End along with a visual created by Zev Deans. The End follows Manson’s recent cover of God’s Gonna Cut You Down, shared in October with a cinematic video shot by director Tim Mattia. The End is available to pre-order now on limited pressing picture disc featuring one of Manson’s original watercolor paintings.

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