Mega platinum Whitesnake, the legendary rock ’n’ roll band founded and formed by Deep Purple singer and Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer David Coverdale are proud to announce the continuation of the 2019 Flesh & Blood World Tour into 2020. Following the global success of the Flesh & Blood album Whitesnake has played fifty five shows in twenty four countries to over 600,000 fans in 2019.

The 2020 tour will feature songs from the bands critically acclaimed and award winning 13th studio record entitled Flesh & Blood alongside their biggest hits and songs from one of the greatest back catalogues in rock ‘n’ roll history spanning over forty years.

The first single and video from the new record entitled Shut Up & Kiss Me was released worldwide in February 2019 amassing over two million YouTube views.

Australian fans have waited twelve years for you to come back and tour, will the new Flesh and Blood album form a big part of the set list, or will it be more of a greatest hits show?
Very much part of the show. The album and it’s success has revitalised the band and performing some new songs has re-energised the more classic hits. Most of the set will be familiar to our fans. It’s going to be a grand night with The Scorpions and The Snakes…

Whitesnake’s Australian tour with Scorpions is the biggest hard rock tour of the year, who should take credit for both of you playing here on the same bill?
The Scorps & Whitesnake are old mates and we share the same agent so, it all comes together very well. A evening of solid songs for the audience to get into.

You’ve previously said the songs on the new Flesh and Blood album have links back to Whitesnake’s beginning, are there any new or old songs that will always make the set list?
Of course, there are some songs we’d get our arses kicked if we didn’t play them but, I never tell people what we’re going to be playing. I like surprising them.

The Shut Up and Kiss Me video has reached a huge audience on YouTube, were you expecting that kind of a reaction?
You never know, but you always hope with new music you’re going to connect with people in a positive way but, bottom line, you never really know, so when a song catches fire with our audience, as Shut Up & Kiss Me, it’s an added bonus. The whole album has done this for us, to be honest. It’s the most successful record we’ve made for some time, I’m happy to say.

As a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who has been performing for five decades, what story will you share with us that we haven’t heard before?
None, you’ll have to wait for my book How White Was My Snake.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Whitesnake and Scorpions on the following dates. Tickets through Live Nation

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