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The Phazes have released their energetic new single Isla and their sound is described as New York rock. This five piece band from Sydney’s Northern Beaches are hitting their strides with new music. Drummer Jesse Curnow took some time out from filming their video for the next single Manly Vale to chat to the Hi-FI Way about their single ISLA and all things The Phazes.

ISLA has a pretty rocking beat. How did that song come about?
The song came about probably a year ago now. Hayden (singer) and Liam (guitarist) just had a riff and they and been working it for a while and it just kind of came together at a few different rehearsals. It came from that garage sound like a lot of our influences being The Strokes and early Arctic Monkeys and bands like that. I guess it was a natural progression from what we’ve always done.

What’s the song about?
That’s a great question. Mostly it’s about having a good time and sometimes having a little bit too much of a good time. A bit of an excessive lifestyle that comes with being with a band and obviously there’s love interests and a romance around that as well. So, it’s kind of a mix of the party lifestyle. I don’t want to say Rockstar because that’s definitely not what we are. It’s that sort of party and romance lifestyle.

Your song was produced by Birds of Tokyo’s Ian Berney. How was it like working with someone from such an iconic Aussie band?
Yeah! It’s been great. We’ve probably known him coming around to three years now. He’s just like, I guess, one of our mates and he’s a great guy that’s really easy to work with. Its never been a hassle. He just knows a lot about music and yeah, as I said he’s just like a really good friend. Sometimes we sort of forget that he’s in a band like Birds of Tokyo because he treats us like one of the boys and we can just go have a beer with him after. But obviously being in a band like that he has a lot of great ideas and is always looking to help. He’s a really great at songwriting so he often has a lot of good input for us which is really helpful.

You’ve been described as traditionally a New York rock sound. Would that be accurate? How would you describe your sound?
Yeah, I think that’s pretty accurate. We definitely have that early 2000’s Indie Rock and Garage sound but I think we definitely have an Australian twist, more modern rock sound as well as that early sound. We all have a lot of different influences. Liam and myself are really big Nirvana fans and that’s kind of slides into it as well. Obviously, we all like The strokes and bands like that so its probably a pretty fair description.

The band is fairly young. How did you all get together?
Hayden And Liam got together probably about five or six years ago. They were mates from the Northern Beaches in Sydney and met quite a while ago and have also been jamming together for a while. I met Liam at Falls Festival at Byron Bay three years ago and it was a bizarre way to meet. We kept in contact and started hanging out and they already had a band going. When their drummer quit I filled in one time and it kind of rolled from there. We’ve had a couple of line up changes since then. Will is also from the Northern Beaches and he met Hayden at a music store.

How did you come up with the name The Phazes? Is there a meaning behind it?
I don’t think so. Actually, The Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas has a solo album called Phrazes For The Young and I think that’s where Hayden got it from and changed it to The Phazes.

You’re filming a new video tell us about that?
We’ve got a new single coming out December 6 called Manly Vale. It’s about the slums of the Northern Beaches.

What’s in store for the future for The Phazes?
We’re going to keep writing and recording and hopefully keep doing more shows. A little bit more of the same, hopefully just bigger and better and with a few more people starting to listen to us. Yeah just bigger and better for 2020!

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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