Montaigne, Miss Blanks, Stevie Jean @ The Gov, Adelaide 7/11/2019

Starting off with Indie Rock artist Stevie Jean with her soulful rock tunes was the perfect choice to help kick off Montaigne’s Complex Tour at The Gov in Adelaide last night. With just her and an electric guitar she graced us with infectious wailing vocals and witty cheeky banter in-between songs. Jean made an impression and having recently released her EP Blame Game its looking pretty bright for this Northern Territorian.

Keeping with the diversity of support artists Miss Blanks made sure she stamped her fresh Hip Hop raps on the crowd. Her no holds barred lyrics from Clap Clap “If you gotta fat ass clap clap” fired like fast bullets making it easy to sing along. This sassy and unapologetic diva wowed everyone declaring “Adelaide is cute.” Well Miss Blanks, Adelaide thinks you’re cute too!

Starting off her set with Change, Montaigne bounced around the stage getting us ready for a night of pure energy. Explaining in her humorous and quirky style that she was going to sing mainly songs (and in album track order) from her new album Complex the crowd seemed excited with this concept. Complex is an impressive album and it was a thrill to hear (almost) all the songs live.

Continuing with the same energy for the title song Complex, then with the very personal and intense For Your Love and getting a bit crazy on the dance beats of Losing My Mind. Montaigne explained that she had severe chronic fatigue when she wrote that song and thankfully is in a better place. Her raw honesty regarding mental illness and how she now recognises when she needs to chill and slowdown was refreshing.

Taking a break from the new album the crowd cheered when she sang the 2016 hit Because I Love You. During this song she walked from one end of the stage to the other and shook people’s hands in the front rows getting a loud cheer of approval from those lucky enough to be in the right place.

Back to the Complex album with the Love Might Be Found (Volcano) where there was plenty of hand swaying and left to right jumping. The bubbly yet gloomy sounding Dying Song brought out the quirky vibes while Please You gave us a chorus of powerful dramatic vocals.

Stripping back to a more gentle and serious tone for the 2016 hit Consolation Prize Montaigne showed us a more tender poignant side admitting “I need to put on my white shirt to hide my vulnerabilities.”

Stockhom Syndrome and Pleasure brought back the ferocity. Building up the intensity throughout both songs and providing once again a force of energy. Admitting to us that during the song Pleasure her thought went to “being lonely” and whether people can work out when she’s feeling “lonely” whenever she posts on social media. I think now they will definitely take more notice!

Is This All That I Am Good For brought back the theme of insecurities showing again her theatrical vocal abilities getting a loud cheer of approval from the crowd. The upbeat I Am A Clown got us all pumped up for the big hit and last song Ready which was the most receptive song of the night. The crowd taking ownership of the song by loudly singing the chorus. All Montaigne could do is smile with appreciation and relish in the adoration.

Encore for the night was the emotional Fantastic Wreck where once again the crowd sang along to every word. When she sang “Would you love me?” it was safe to say that the crowd did and do love her.

If there’s one thing you can take away from tonight’s show is that the songs from Complex have a stronger heartbeat when Montaigne performs them live. If you love the album or even just love Montaigne then make sure you get to hear these personal and brutally honest songs live. The energy is infectious and you find yourself mesmerised by her soaring vocals. Complex yet brilliant all in one.

Live Review by Anastasia Lambis

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